Configuring your mail clients for email

To setup your email account on Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird and other Apps:

  1. Sign into your account at:
  2. Click Settings     irc4fun-email-settings
  3. Click Forwarding & POP/IMAP      irc4fun-email-settings-forw
  4. Enable IMAP and then proceed with Step 5
  5. Click on My Account    irc4fun-email-myaccount
  6. Click on Sign-in & Security and enable “Allow less secure Apps: ON as shown below    irc4fun-email-myaccountss

Now it is time to configure your Mail Client or App:

Configuration Details:


Password: Your Email password

Select IMAP as the server type.

Incoming Server: (SSL required – port 993)

Outgoing Server: (SSL required – port 465)

Your Outgoing server (smtp) does requires authentication if there is a check box for this.

Secure Password Authentication (SPA) will not work.  Do not check that box, if it is an option.