Frequently Asked Questions to Staff and Answers for Users

Frequently Asked Questions to IRC4Fun Staff from IRC4Fun Users:

Recently, with the growth of IRC4Fun, we’ve began to get a steady stream of Frequently Asked Questions from new users.  To ensure that all IRC4Fun Staff is following the same policies and thusly providing the same responses, we are better able to serve the clients without the potential for upset.  Below are some of the most recent Frequently Asked Questions and how IRC4Fun Staff should respond to these questions or scenarios.

Q: I (or) one of my users has forgotten our NickServ password.  Can you drop the account for me?

A: If the nickname has already been verified at registration, we are unable to drop the nickname for security purposes.  To reset the password, you will need to use the SENDPASS command and then the SETPASS commands with NickServ.

Q: But the email address is wrong!  How can I use the SENDPASS command with the wrong email address?!

A: If the email address provided during registration was incorrect, the registration email should bounce.  Once Services detects this, the account should be automatically dropped within 24 hours of the detected mail-bounce.  This is another reason why you must be careful to enter a VALID email address – so you can complete your nickname registration and also reset your password if you ever forget it.

Q: My email address is no longer in service!  How can I reset my password?

A: We recommend that you always update your email address with NickServ before it changes.  If it is no longer available to you, and you did not update it before it became unavailable; we have no means of verifying your identity.  You can attempt to use the SENDPASS command and when the email bounces, the account should be dropped automatically within 24 hours of the bounced password reset email.  If the email does not bounce, there is nothing we can do for this account.  You can create a new account if you would like, using your new email address.

Q: So if you can’t drop my account, or reset my password for me – what about my channel access?!

A: Your access in any channels that is tied to your old account will be lost when the account either automatically expires, or is expired by Services for mail-bounces.  You will need to request your access to be re-added in channels where you previously had access or flags.  (IRC4Fun Staff cannot do this for you.)  If you were the founder of a channel, you will need to open a Support Ticket at: and explain the situation and any information that may be present in your old Services account to verify your identity. (This process will take time – it is not instant or completed within hours)

Q: Why can’t you just drop the account I am asking you to drop?

A: For security purposes, we will not just “drop” any account that someone requests us to drop, especially if the account has already been verified at registration.  If an account was verified, it means that the email address on file for that account was valid at registration, and thus should be able to perform the SENDPASS and SETPASS commands to reset the password.  We cannot just drop accounts at a user’s request because “they forgot the password” otherwise we would have users coming in and telling us to drop accounts maliciously.  If your account was just registered and you did not complete the VERIFY command, the account will be automatically dropped within 24 hours of the initial registration.

Q: Can I have a Cloak / vHost?

A: You can take the Standard Cloak at any time by typing: /msg HostServ TAKE IRC4Fun/users/$account  — If you desire any other type of cloak, you will need to see: and after reading the Guidelines, request a Cloak from there.

Q: Why can’t you just give me a cloak or vHost?

A: You can take the Standard Cloak or vHost anytime by using the HostServ TAKE command. (/msg HostServ TAKE IRC4Fun/users/$account)  If you desire any other type of cloak, we have a process to handle these requests.  Please see for more information and to make a request.

Q: Where can I find a list of Policies?

A: You can find a list of IRC4Fun Policies at:

Q: Where can I find Frequently Asked Questions or Guides?

A: You can find a list of IRC4Fun Frequently Asked Questions as well as Documents and Guides at:


This page and Frequently Asked Questions (& Answers) will be updated in the future as it becomes applicable.  siniStar can add more information and will likely send out communications as updates are made.