Linking Guidelines

Are you interested in linking a network to IRC4Fun’s PyLink instance (United IRC Networks / UIN)? Read more below about how to do so, and the guidelines/requirements for doing so.



  • Your network gets to keep it’s Name, Services & Security servers
  • Networks already running a PyLink or linked to another set of PyLink networks will not be approved unless they remove the running PyLinkor delink from their current PyLink network(s). (We will NOT do “inter-pylink” links)
  • Currently supported IRCds: UnrealIRCd 4+, InspIRCd 2.0, Charybdis 3.5+, Elemental-IRCd 6.6*, InspIRCd 3.0, IRCd-Hybrid 8.2*, juno-ircd 11.*, Nefarious IRCu 2.0.*
  • Your network can choose which remote channels it would like to have from the United IRC Networks (UIN) but you should link a few existing ones as well as create (share) some with other participating networks.
  • In order to ensure a pleasant IRC experience for all linked networks, channels and users; all United IRC Networks (UIN) Linked Networks will comply with and enforce or report violations of the UIN Policy (UINP)
  • If you or your network are just “in it for the user-count”, this relationship is likely not going to work out.  We seek quality networks.  Not large networks full of zombies, bots, bncs, or non-talking (non-useful) clients.
  • Linked Networks may not run any type of spy modules, devices, or functions that will spy on users’ private and/or channel messages. Such activity is un-ethical, illegal in some countries, and will NEVER be tolerated on United IRC Networks or IRC4Fun.
  • Every Network Link will need to add the line provided on the UIN Policy (UINP) page to each client-connectable IRCd server on the network.  This is mandatory – no exceptions.
  • When an application is submitted, it can take up to 7 days for the application to be reviewed and voted on by the associated Network Link Admins.  Some reviews do not take nearly as long, depending on the availability of Linked Network Admins and their readiness to vote.  Be prepared for at least 7 days of the application possibly pending – do not bug us during the 7 days to review it any sooner.

Ready to Apply for a United IRC Networks (UIN) Link? See the pinned Example in the forum and use it as a template to apply and provide the requested information.