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New ChanFix (W)

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2019 7:30 pm
by siniStar
IRC4Fun has a new ChanFix: W
ChanFix (W) is a service (channel fixer) for un-registered channels (channels without X) that can reop the channel in the event that it loses all operators. ChanFix (W) can also reverse takeovers and reop the proper operators.

ChanFix (W) works by scoring users who hold channel operator status in a channel (and are logged into X) over a two (2) week period. ChanFix (W) can be triggered manually by Users, IRC Operators as well as automatically.

We have updated our ChanFix (W) page and will be releasing a new Documents & Guides doc for it soon.

Help Channel:
Please report channel takeovers and/or request reop in #ReOp on IRC4Fun.