Acceptable Operating Policy

AOP (Acceptable Operating Policy)

When you operate on the IRC4Fun Network, you agree to be bound by the following rules. If you do not abide by the following rules, you may find yourself faced with Corrective Actions, up to (and including) suspension/termination of your access/O:line(s).

IRC Operators and Server Administrators are users too, and bound by the same Acceptable Use Policy as Guests are. As an IRC4Fun Staff member, you are expected to conduct yourself as a Role model to our Guests.


  • You agree to follow the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) as well as this Acceptable Operating Policy (AOP)
  • You will be polite and professional while /Oper’d up or using your Access.
  • You should make effort to participate in #IRC4Fun, as most of Staff duties consist of helping users.
  • IRC4Fun Staff will not become involved in Channel disputes. (Involving channel bans, settings, ops, etc)
  • IRC4Fun Staff will not go on other IRC networks and cause disturbances or violate other networks’ rules.
  • IRC4Fun Administrators must complete administrative tasks on-time and ensure their server-staff (IRC Operators) are doing the same. In the event that an Administrator is not in compliance, a warning may be issued by the IRC4Fun Administration team, if they see fit. IRC4Fun Operators who are not in compliance should also be warned by the Server Administrator. Repeated non-compliance or overdue tasks may result in progressive action by either the IRC4Fun Administration team, or individual Server Administrator.
  • IRC Operators and CService Representatives must be active.  An absence of 30 or more days (or never logging into the website - as it is central to your Staff duties) can result in being dismissed from Staff positions.

Staff Resources

IRC4Fun Staff has access to resources intended to help serve IRC Operators, Services Team, and other Staff officials with various network-related functions. These resources are typically not available to our Guests, and use of the resources is monitored at all times to prevent abuse. Below are some of the resources available, and their standards:

  • Uworld & EUworld (Network Staff Service) – Uworld and EUworld the IRC4Fun IRC Operator and Services Team central control services. They are used to aid Network Staff with G-lines (AKILLs), MODE changes, Services related functions, etc.  EUworld is the security and "backup" IRC Operator service.
  • Server O:line (Operator Access) – Your O:line gives you access to functions on the IRC Server it is added to, depending on the access level(s) assigned to it.
  • CService Access (CService Access) – Your access to CService provides you the ability to perform higher functions within X to help IRC4Fun users with problems/questions and provide support to IRC Operators.
  • Countess (Abuse Prevention Utility Bots) – Designed to handle most of IRC4Fun’s compliance to policies and protect against abuse, floods and spam. She is automated and needs little intervention or assistance from IRC4Fun Staff.

Access Restrictions (X:lines)

From time to time, it will be necessary for IRC Operators/Administrators to add access restriction lines (X:lines) to prevent abuse. Refer to the below guidelines as to which access restrictions should be used, and when. (NOTE: IRC Operator/Administrator access should never be abused by using Access Restrictions (X:lines) or forced disconnections (KILLs) unless absolutely necessary to stop abuse or prevent further abuse. As an IRC Network, we want to grow; and should (as a business would) try to correct behavior as opposed to getting rid of a guest.)

  • Kills (Forcing user to be disconnected from IRC4Fun) – KILLs may be issued as a first alternative to Access Restrictions (X:lines) to stop/prevent abuse.
  • K-lines (Local IRC4Fun-server Ban) – K:lines Ban you from a specific IRC4Fun Server, for whatever reason. Staff may add or remove local K-Lines at any time for any reason, or none at all.
  • G-lines (Global IRC4Fun-network Ban) – G:lines may be added for DNS Blacklist matches as well as violations of the IRC4Fun Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Staff may add or remove global G-Lines at any time for any reason.

Abuse of Privileges

  • Using Uworld or EUworld to manipulate a Channel’s modes/ops/bans while not attending to official network activity.
  • Using X to manipulate access to a username or channel where you do not have access and are not attending to official network activity.
  • Retaliating against users and/or other IRC4Fun Staff
  • /KILL‘ing a PyLink (UIN) Remote user (a user that is not connected to IRC4Fun, but is connected from another network via PyLink or *.relay) for any reason (Kills to PyLinked users will be bounced back – best to just chanban them)

Administrator Responsibilities

  • Server Administrators are IRC4Fun’s central management team. Each Server Administrator casts a vote on changes to the network, policies, routing, linking/delinking, etc. per Server they administer. (Example: If a Server Administrator has 3 servers linked, that Administrator would have 3 votes per issue/topic)
  • Server Administrators are responsible for maintaining a stable, safe server for IRC4Fun clients to chat on.
  • Server Administrators may NOT add local/global IRC Operators or staff without prior approval from other IRC4Fun Administrators (a vote)
  • Server Administrators are responsible for ensuring that their staff follows this Acceptable Operating Policy (AOP) as well as the IRC4Fun Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
  • Server Administrators are responsible for ensuring that their staff is Correctively Actioned upon abuse.
  • In the event that the Server Administrator refuses to Correct actions taken by it’s operators; a Corrective Action may be taken towards the Server Administrator and the Operator or Helper. The administrator and staff member in question may be prevented from /OPER’ing up, or the administrator’s server may be forcibly split from the network and JUPEd.
  • Servers that split and remain split 30 or more days will be subject to automatic delink.
  • Server Administrators that go MIA for 30 or more days can be subject to delink and/or removal of access to the network, DNS removal of linked (or split) server.
  • Periodically updates will be issued for our IRC Server Software (Nefarious 2 IRCu):
  • Security Releases: When an update is released due to security purposes, each server will be expected to update within 24 hours. If a server has not updated a security release within 24 hours, IRC4Fun Admins will take a vote on having the server JUPEd until it complies. If compliance doesn’t occur within 7 days; the server will be juped and IRC4Fun Admins will take a vote on permanently delinking the server.
  • Normal Releases: When an update is released, it is strongly recommended that all servers update their software within 14 days. All servers must update their software on normal releases within 30 days of the software release date.
  • Incompatibility Updates: When an update is released that may be incompatible with previous versions, a vote will be initiated for IRC4Fun Admins on whether and when to update.
  • Nefarious2 Modules: Only approved modules may be loaded. No other additional ChatIRCd modules may be loaded without prior approval from IRC4Fun Admins (as the modules loaded must be the same on all servers) No IRC4Fun server (client or hub) may utilize any “spy” modules, devices or functions. Failure to comply with this policy will result in immediate jupe and delink process for the violating server. *Attempting to load un-authorized modules can also result in your server immediately squitting from IRC4Fun.

Consequences for Violation

  • If you violate any rule or regulation stated in this document, you will be subject to progressive disciplinary action, including but not limited to suspension of privileges, forced removal from the network, or even delink or having applicable server JUPEd where necessary.
  • Server Administrators are responsible for their Staff, and for Corrective Actioning them upon abuse. Server Administrators may call for a vote to Corrective Action other Server Administrator’s where abuse has been committed and requires Corrective Action.

Appealing a Violation

If you are suspended from privileges or denied access to an IRC4Fun server or the entire network, you should follow the procedure outlined below. Please note, however, that IRC4Fun server administrators are under no obligation to take any further action.

  • If you are a Local or Global Operator, contact your server administrator, explaining how future incidents can be avoided.
  • If you are Server Administrator, contact abuse-com @, explaining how future incidents can be avoided.