Acceptable Use Policy

AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) When you connect to the IRC4Fun Network, you agree to be bound by the following rules. If you do not abide by the following rules, you may find yourself banned (K-Lined) from the IRC4Fun server that you’re using and/or (G-lined) all of our servers and services. If you do not agree, simply disconnect from the network and do not reconnect.
Open proxies are not allowed on the IRC4Fun network. When you connect to IRC4Fun, your connection will be scanned for open (and potentially insecure) proxies. This is not an attack on your system and will only happen when you connect. Your IP will also be checked against various Abuse Prevention DNS blacklists — if there is a match; you will be unable to connect. Issues causing users to be listed on a DNS Blacklist must be resolved before the user will be able to successfully connect to IRC4Fun. IRC4Fun Staff are not able to override this Abuse Prevention measure.

Connection Rules
You agree to follow this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) as well as any posted server policies for the IRC4Fun Server that you connect to. (Always be mindful of the /MOTD of each server) Limit Connections to 3 per IP. This will begin being enforced at 4 connections, any additional or re-attempted connections after 4 for the same IP will result in an automated network-wide G-line.

Each IRC4Fun server has a different policy regarding Bots. Please refer to each server’s /MOTD. Abusive (or nice bots on non-bot servers) bots will be K-lined.

Systems that are connected without the system-operator’s permission/knowledge will be G-lined. (banned from the network) Infected computers (often referred to as “Drones” or “Botnets”) are not permitted on IRC4Fun and will be G-lined. (banned from the network)

Each server’s administrative team retains the right to deny access to or use of its server’s resources to any user(s), group, site, or domain, without the benefit of prior warning or notification if they so choose

Your Conduct
You will not attempt any denial of service (“DoS”) actions or abuse of IRC4Fun users or resources, including but not limited to flooding, cloning, mass-advertising (mass-messaging/mass-inviting) You will not use IRC4Fun resources (servers/channels) for illegal purposes. (Copyright infringement, Trade/Sale of Personal Information, Child Pornography distribution, etc) Though IRC4Fun does not monitor the traffic or information passed through it’s servers; Channels or Users found to be engaged in such activity will be removed from IRC4Fun immediately.

NSFW (Not Safe For Work) tags should be applied to links that are not safe for viewing at work, however IRC4Fun cannot enforce this. You should follow links from only users that you trust anyway to prevent viruses/Trojans, etc. However, keep in mind that posting links that are Not Safe For Work without tagging them as such may cause users to get upset or even a kickban from a Channel Operator as this is considered (by a vast amount of users) to be the proper etiquette.

Please do not paste series of lines in channels. A IRC4Fun Paste or pastebin is usually much more appropriate and appreciated.

Repeated ban evasion from channels may result in a network-wide G-line (ban from the network). Repeated G-line or K-line evasion will result in new and much longer G-lines. (We may also contact your Internet Service Provider or ISP.) Remember that you are a Guest on our network, and you are expected to act accordingly. The use of our servers and services is a privilege, not a right.

IRC4Fun provides Channel Services (X) to Channels that wish to register with IRC4Fun Services for additional stability, access control and more. Registered channels are able to create access lists and preserve modes/topics/settings, which is provided for free, subject to the Services Guidelines. Channels found to engage in unsolicited advertising to IRC4Fun users or violation of the network AUP may be subject to suspension or channel closure Channels that do not wish to register with IRC4Fun Services, or are ineligible will be managed by the users using them. IRC4Fun staff will not become involved in channel disputes involving channel ownership, channel operator hierarchy, channel bans, or the channel’s rules/management.

Botnet/Drone or Bot control channels are strictly prohibited on IRC4Fun. Trolling is prohibited. Keep your drama to yourself. (Witnessed trolling will result in progressive disciplinary action, up to, and including a G-line.)

Network Staff
IRC4Fun Opers & Administrators must comply with the Acceptable Operating Policy which can be found here. Violations will result in Corrective Action.

IRC4Fun provides voluntary assistance with IRC Operator (IRC Ops) personnel on an as-available basis. Official IRC4Fun channel for IRC Op assistance is
  • #IRC4Fun. IRC Operators/Services Team will assist users with nickname and channel registration, answer questions regarding services, and intervene in the event of violations of the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • #CService is the Official IRC4Fun Channel Service (X) Help and Support channel.
  • #Usernames is the Official IRC4Fun Help Channel for X Usernames (or “accounts”) issues or problems.

If IRC4Fun Staff enter your channel on official network business and you refuse to cooperate or we are banned, progressive overrides may take place. (e.g. You are in a channel that is filling up with suspicious bots and IRC4Fun Staff joins to ask about them and are then kickbanned – they may rejoin much more forcefully to ask and/or investigate the matter further.)

Verified instances of drones or botnets will result in immediate removal from the network. Instances of Staff abuse should be reported to Help[at] with as much information and logs possible.

  • You should be cautious about giving out peronal information.
  • The administration of the IRC4Fun does not log or monitor any traffic that may pass through their servers for content or clarity.
  • By retaining a connection to any part of IRC4Fun, you state that you know and are willing to comply and accept these as well as any future terms of service, network policies, and user guidelines. IRC4Fun Staff, Administrators, Operators, Servers are not able to see your private messages or data transmitted in channels. (unless a Staff Member is in the channel, which would be visible)
  • IRC4Fun is unable to monitor your private data, nor do we desire to.

No responsibility for computer damage, data loss, or any other damage or liability shall be implied by any IRC4Fun server administrator, staff or volunteers.

By using any IRC4Fun server, you hereby state and agree that you release IRC4Fun, its servers, administrators, operators, and any other volunteer of IRC4Fun from all responsibilty or legal liability which might result from your use of IRC4Fun servers.

IRC4Fun administrators reserve the right to deny access to and use of the IRC4Fun IRC network or any of its other resources, including but not limited to nickname & channel services, technical mailing lists, and FTP sites, to any user, group, site, or domain without the benefit of prior warning or notification if necessary.

IRC4Fun reserves the right to update these terms at any time, with, or without prior notification.

Consequences for Violation
If you violate any rule or regulation stated in this document or on the MOTD of any IRC4Fun server, you will be subject to progressive disciplinary action, including but not limited to denial of access to any IRC4Fun server or the entire network, or legal action where applicable. Denial of access to a particular IRC4Fun server can be made at the server administrator’s discretion. Your Internet provider may be denied access to the server or network if you successfully evade a ban.

The IRC4Fun IRC Network is under no circumstances to be used for illegal activities. Observed and verifiable instances may be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Although the IRC4Fun network itself is a unmoderated forum, the IRC4Fun administration will cooperate fully with any officially recognized law enforcement body to the best of its capability when required to do so by force of law.

Appealing a Violation
  • If you are banned or denied access to an IRC4Fun server or the entire network, you should follow the procedure outlined below. Please note, however, that IRC4Fun server administrators are under no obligation to take any further action if you are denied access. If you are K:lined (banned from a specific server), contact the server administration (/ADMIN will display a contact e-mail address or Help[at] will be forwarded to the intended server administrator) and request the elimination of the ban, explaining how future incidents can be avoided.
  • If you are G:lined (banned from the entire network for a particular length of time), contact us and request that the ban be lifted, explaining how future incidents can be avoided.
  • You can also use our Support Ticket system.
  • For DNSBL inquiries: You must address the issues that caused your IP address to be listed in whatever DNS Abuse Prevention blacklist and get it removed from the DNS Blacklist that it is listed in before contacting us to request removal. (Otherwise the servers will continue to automatically re-add your G:line during your attempted connection to IRC4Fun.)