X changed the TOPIC saying "Manager has failed to login" and something about a vote?

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Question X changed the TOPIC saying "Manager has failed to login" and something about a vote?

Channel Service Committee – Activity Checks

In situations where active channels have Channel Managers (or “Channel Founders” / user with access 500) that have not logged into X for nearly 60 days; X will begin to “warn” the channel that it is about to go into Voting Mode.  Channels will begin going into “Voting Mode” when the Channel Manager’s LAST SEEN time indicated by X reaches 45 days or more.

During Voting Mode, X will change the channel topic; informing users that the channel is in or about to go into Voting Mode.  X will also change the WELCOME message sent to users as they join, warning the Channel Manager to login before hitting 60 days of last login.

Users on the access list (if any) will be allowed to cast a Vote during this time.  If the Channel Manager logs into X before 60 days, the channel will be reviewed by a CService Representative and the warnings will change or revert to normal.

*Channels that go into “Voting Mode” more than twice; even if cancelled by the Channel Manager logging in before 60 days, CService can make a decision whether to honor the vote or keep the current Channel Manager in place.  (Typically, Channel Managers are given two chances to maintain their channel — however, we DO expect Channel Managers to be active in their channel, and logging into X.)

Vote for a New Channel Manager

To vote for a new Channel Manager, please click here.


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