My Channel is Opless!  What can I do?

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Question My Channel is Opless!  What can I do?

Opless Channels & C

If you are normally one of the Channel Operators in the channel, you can join #ReOp or open a Support Ticket requesting a reop.

Keep in mind:
  • C will join the channel after an IRC4Fun Staff member has issued the FIX command; and will op up to 3-5 of the highest scoring users on the channel.  If it does not op you; it is because there were other users in the channel with a higher op-score.
  • C cannot be influenced by IRC4Fun Staff to OP a specific person or people.
  • The amount of high scoring ops that C re-ops is dependent on the channel size and available scored users.
  • If you are not opped, then you will need to ask one of the users who is re-opped to op you.  (IRC4Fun does not intervene in Channel Disputes, especially in unregistered channels.


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