I have a high op score.  Why was I not opped?

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Question I have a high op score.  Why was I not opped?
Answer In the event of a fix of a channel, W will clear all ops, bans & restrictive modes so that high scoring Channel Operators can rejoin the channel.

W will wait for about 30 seconds to 1 minute before it rejoins and begins opping the highest scoring users that are on the channel.  Once W determines that an acceptable amount of high-scoring users are opped, it will stop.

If you were not opped, there are a few reasons that may apply:
  • Have you been logged into X while holding ops in the channel? (If you were not logged into X, you were not being scored.)
  • You may have the highest score on the channel; but if you do not rejoin (or are not in the channel) at the time of the FIX process: W will op the next highest scoring user(s).
  • You were on the other side of a netsplit during the re-opping process. (Highly unusual)
  • Enough users have been opped, thus making the FIX complete. (This depends on how many users are in the channel, how many are re-opped, and the total percentages of both.)
  • You do not have quite as high of a score as you believe you do. (W does not "recognize" you based on user@hosts - it only recognizes you by your X username.)


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