My Channel was taken over!  What can I do?

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Question My Channel was taken over!  What can I do?

Channel Takeovers & ChanFix (W)

If your channel was taken over, you should immediately report this to #ReOp

(The longer the "takeover" user has control of the channel; the more they will build of an op score while previous operators scores' begin to get degraded.)

Keep in mind:
  • W will join the channel and remove any ops, bans, or restrictive modes after an IRC4Fun Staff member has issued the FIX command.  This allows for the Channel's regular operators to rejoin the channel while W leaves for about a minute and waits for them to rejoin.
  • W will then join the channel and op high-scoring users until an acceptable amount are opped and able to regain control of the channel.
  • W cannot be influenced by IRC4Fun Staff to OP a specific person or persons.
  • The amount of high-scoring ops that W re-ops is dependent on channel size, and available high-scoring ops.


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