I've been banned from a channel - what can be done?

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Question I've been banned from a channel - what can be done?
Answer The answer to this question is to contact the current channel operators.

Given the dynamic nature of channels, channel operators do not need to have a *reason* to kick you off. They decide what goes on, in the channel.  

Complaining to CService Representatives, IRC operators or to the system Administrators about being kicked/banned from a channel results in no action.  IRC operators do not meddle with channel politics - that's the job of channel operators.  

If you are banned or kicked from a channel, you are always free to start your own channel and decide it's rules.

Think of channels as houses. The owner of the house can decide to share ownership with someone else or decide not to allow any individual they choose into their house. In your own house, *you* call the shots. Feel free to create your own channel, and set up your own rules for it.

What you can do:
  • In most cases; you will want to contact the Channel Manager (Founder) - which can be obtained using: /msg X chaninfo #ChannelName
  • You can also reach out to the operator who banned you. 
  • Or you can create your own channel, and register it with X.
If you were banned from your own channel, you should ask for assistance in #ReOp



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