CService - IRC4Fun Channel Service (X)

Welcome to IRC4Fun's Channel Service Committee website!

IRC4Fun provides a Channel Service to established channels to provide stability, and allow Channel Managers to run their channels as they prefer, with their settings preserved.  Channels that are registered with X are also impervious to "takeovers".

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To register a Username on X, type: /msg X hello Username YourValid@email.com YourValid@email.com

To login to X, type: /msg X@services.IRC4Fun.net LOGIN Username YourPassword

You can also use /cs LOGIN Username YourPassword   or   /cs COMMAND arguments    (if your client supports it)

For Support or Issues:

  • #CService - Official Help Channel for Channel Service (X) related Questions & Issues
  • #Usernames - Official Help Channel for Channel Service (X) Usernames Questions & Issues
  • #IRC4Fun - General IRC4Fun Network Chat & Support Channel. (Please take CService or Username inquiries to the proper channels.)
  • #ReOp - Assistance with unregistered, opless or taken over channels with C (ChanFix).

Support Forums: