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IRC4Fun is now on Discord!

  • Posted 4th August 2019, 1:08 PM
  • By siniStar

IRC4Fun is now bridged with Discord!

We're excited to announce that we have launched a bridge from the IRC4Fun IRC network to the IRC4Fun Discord, allowing users from both platforms to chat, explore, bridge channels and so much more!

Users with Discord accounts are welcomed to visit to join – IRC users will notice a few channels already bridged (linked)

New IRC4Fun ChanFix (W)

  • Posted 1st August 2019, 1:16 AM
  • By siniStar

What you need to know about the new ChanFix (W)

We're making some improvements to ChanFix (a service for un-registered channels) which will be effective soon. 

What is ChanFix (W)?
ChanFix is a service for un-registered channels that can reop the channel in the event that it loses all operators.  ChanFix can also reverse takeovers and reop the proper operators.  ChanFix works by…

ChanFix (C) is back to help reop un-registered, opless or taken ove…

  • Posted 15th February 2019, 1:51 PM
  • By siniStar

C (Channel Fix for un-registered Channels) is back!

We're happy to announce that C is back in service, for unregistered channels that become Opless or "taken over"!  If you have an unregistered channel, and you either lose all ops, or the channel is taken over by someone; you can now report it in #ReOp or via Support Ticket.  This will allow for an IRC4Fun Staff member (IRC Operator) to issue…

(Live) Channel Statistics are back!

  • Posted 13th February 2019, 11:15 PM
  • By siniStar

We're excited to announce that (Live) Channel Statistics are back!

We're excited to announce that (live) Channel Statistics are back!  Channels that were previously opt-in have been re-added and all data in between the shutdown of stats to current day have been restored.

If you would like to request that your Channel opt-in to the Statistics site; please request it here.

TOPICs can now be up to 400 characters!

  • Posted 12th February 2019, 2:09 PM
  • By siniStar

CService is excited to announce that TOPICs can now be up to 400 characters!

Last night the IRC4Fun Administration team and CService team worked together to make 400-char topics a possibility!  Before, you could only set a TOPIC of 250 characters maximum, even though X allowed for a longer DESCRIPTION & URL in it's AUTOTOPIC feature. 

Issues Identified & Fixed:
  • With the former settings on the

IRC4Fun's new Website!

  • Posted 28th January 2019, 8:01 PM
  • By siniStar

We would like to welcome everyone to our NEW and improved website!