TOPICs can now be up to 400 characters!

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CService is excited to announce that TOPICs can now be up to 400 characters!

Last night the IRC4Fun Administration team and CService team worked together to make 400-char topics a possibility!  Before, you could only set a TOPIC of 250 characters maximum, even though X allowed for a longer DESCRIPTION & URL in it's AUTOTOPIC feature. 

Issues Identified & Fixed:
  • With the former settings on the IRC4Fun IRC Servers and X's character limits; some channel TOPICs were truncated. (Parts of the intended end of the TOPIC would not show.)
  • With the former settings and limits being in-consistent; users were confused by X's DESC (DESCRIPTION) and URL character limits, as offered by X.
  • With the former inconsistent settings, X would only allow smaller TOPICs than even 250 characters.
CService and IRC4Fun Server Administrators worked together to fix these issues, and now:
  • X will allow a DESC/DESCRIPTION of up to 292 characters.
  • X will allow a URL or URLs of up to 108 characters.
  • X's TOPIC command will allow a TOPIC of up to 386 characters. (14 characters are reserved for placement of the Username setting the TOPIC)
  • IRC4Fun Servers will allow a TOPIC up to 400 characters in length before truncating any additional characters.
We would like to thank our newest user, Yendred for finding these inconsistencies and bugs and promptly alerting synapse .


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