ChanFix (C) is back to help reop un-registered, opless or taken over channels!

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C (Channel Fix for un-registered Channels) is back!

We're happy to announce that C is back in service, for unregistered channels that become Opless or "taken over"!  If you have an unregistered channel, and you either lose all ops, or the channel is taken over by someone; you can now report it in #ReOp or via Support Ticket.  This will allow for an IRC4Fun Staff member (IRC Operator) to issue a "CHANFIX" command to C; causing C to remove any bans/restrictive modes to allow the normal ops to rejoin.  Once users who have held ops over the past 14 days rejoin, C will begin opping them until it reaches an acceptable percentage of Channel Operators in the channel. 
  • C recognizes you by your user@host, so keep that in mind if you or your ISP change those things.

How does C work?

C collects a list of all Channel Operators on a channel and applies a score to them, based on how long they have held Channel Operator status over the past 14 days.  (C can see through secret [+s] channels and private [+p] channels as well, though it does not see the text or chat in the channel.)

When an un-registered Channel is reported as opless or taken over (to IRC4Fun Staff), C can be told to 'CHANFIX' the channel.  C will start by removing any bans and restrictive modes so that the high-scoring users can join if they are not already present.  C will wait about a minute for high-scoring users to join the channel, then it will begin re-opping the users in the channel with the highest scores.

If you are deopped or leave the channel, your score will begin lowering. (Please keep that in mind)

Does C allow normal users to issue any commands?

Not at this time.  If your un-registered channel becomes opless or taken over, you must contact an IRC4Fun Staff member in #ReOp or via Support Ticket.  We are planning on adding a couple commands available to users; and will announce when those commands are available.

Can C's scores be manipulated by IRC4Fun Staff?

No.  C regularly scans for Channel Operators in un-registered channels every 5 minutes and updates it's scores.  IRC4Fun Staff is only capable of asking C to perform a fix – who C chooses to op is based on it's scores for the given channel.

Do I need to sign-up or request C?

No.  C will automatically score ops on un-registered channels even with just 1 user.


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