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What you need to know about the new ChanFix (W)

We're making some improvements to ChanFix (a service for un-registered channels) which will be effective soon. 

What is ChanFix (W)?
ChanFix is a service for un-registered channels that can reop the channel in the event that it loses all operators.  ChanFix can also reverse takeovers and reop the proper operators.  ChanFix works by scoring users who hold channel operator status in a channel (and are logged into X) over a two (2) week period.  ChanFix (W) can be triggered manually by IRC4Fun IRC Operators as well as automatically upon detection.

What has changed?
  1. In order to be counted (scored) in an un-registered channel, you must have a Username with X (and be logged in)
  2. High scoring ops can now trigger W to REQUESTOP or CANFIX
  3. Automatic Fixes are now available (and enabled)
  4. C (old ChanFix) has been replaced by W (new ChanFix)
How do Users use ChanFix (W)?
Currently, there are 2 commands that high scoring ops can use: CANFIX & REQUESTOP
For more information: /msg W HELP CANFIX  and  /msg W HELP REQUESTOP

Need Help / Have Questions?
Please ask in #ReOp for more information.
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