Routing Committee

Welcome to the IRC4Fun Routing Committee.  The IRC4Fun Routing Committee is comprised of IRC4Fun Administrators and UIN Administrators.

* Routing Applications:

Vote Weights

Each IRC4Fun Server Administrator will have a weight of the amount of linked resources, servers or services.  If an Administrator has 3 linked servers, services, or vital resources; they will have a voting “weight” of 3.  If an Administrator has 4 linked servers, services, or vital resources; they will have a voting “weight” of 4.

Administrator: Weight/Resources:
cna 2
giggsey 1
{{synapse}} 8
tabb 7

CFVs (Call For Votes)

A CFV (also known as a “Call For Vote”) may be launched in situations where a disagreement of a linked server or operations practices, abuse reports, etc.  In the event of a CFV, voting weights will be applied.

Recent CFVs:

  • 07/29/2018 CFV: Delink nemesis.* due to l0gic’s increasingly bad attitude and lack of any help during spambot attacks. (YES: 9/11, NO: 0/11, NOVOTE: 2/11 [CFV Passed])


Server Name / REF.ID: Administrator, Opers: Status:

Date: (#003US2019) tabb Delinked 08/19/2019
Delinked due to lack of stability. (#003US2019) tabb Granted Full Link 05/21/2019 (#003US2019) tabb Entered Testlink 04/21/2019 (#002EU2019) cna Granted Full Link 04/02/2019 (#002US2019) tabb, epsilon, TBNK420, man-d Granted Full Link 04/02/2019 (#001US2019) TBNK420, epsilon Failed Testlink 03/18/2019
Comments: Server split and Staff moved to different servers. (#002EU2019) cna Entered Testlink 03/02/2019 (#002US2019) tabb Entered Testlink 03/01/2019 (#001US2019) TBNK420, epsilon Entered Testlink 02/26/2019 (#002EU2018) tabb Delinked 02/23/2019
Replacing Server (#001EU2019) tabbman-depsilon, TBNK420 Granted Full Link 02/12/2019 (#001EU2019) tabb Entered Testlink 01/13/2019 (#001FR2017) {{synapse}} Delinked 12/25/2018
Server Retired (#001UK2018) tabbman-depsilon, TBNK420 Granted Full Link 12/11/2018 (#002EU2018) tabb Granted Full Link 11/29/2018 (#001UK2018) tabb Entered Testlink 11/11/2018 (#002EU2018) tabb Entered Testlink 10/31/2018 (#001EU2018) tabb Delinked 10/31/2018
Replacing Server (#001EU2018) tabb Granted Full Link 09/29/2018 (#002US2018) {{synapse}} Granted Full Link 09/26/2018 (#001EU2018) tabb Entered Testlink 08/30/2018 (#002US2018) {{synapse}} Entered Testlink 08/27/2018 (#001US2018) EagleFox Failed Testlink 08/08/2018
Comments: Server split and Admin went MIA as of the same day. l0gic CFV Delinked 07/29/2018
CFV Delink Details: YES: 9/11 NO: 0/11 NOVOTE: 2/11 – [CFV Passed] (#001US2018) EagleFox Entered Testlink 07/20/2018