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Question X changed the TOPIC saying "Manager has failed to login" and something about a vote?

Channel Service Committee – Activity Checks

In situations where active channels have Channel Managers (or “Channel Founders” / user with access 500) that have not logged into X for nearly 60 days; X will begin to “warn” the channel that it is about to go into Voting Mode.  Channels will begin going into “Voting Mode” when the Channel Manager’s LAST SEEN time indicated by X reaches 45 days or more.

During Voting Mode, X will change the channel topic; informing users that the channel is in or about to go into Voting Mode.  X will also change the WELCOME message sent to users as they join, warning the Channel Manager to login before hitting 60 days of last login.

Users on the access list (if any) will be allowed to cast a Vote during this time.  If the Channel Manager logs into X before 60 days, the channel will be reviewed by a CService Representative and the warnings will change or revert to normal.

*Channels that go into “Voting Mode” more than twice; even if cancelled by the Channel Manager logging in before 60 days, CService can make a decision whether to honor the vote or keep the current Channel Manager in place.  (Typically, Channel Managers are given two chances to maintain their channel — however, we DO expect Channel Managers to be active in their channel, and logging into X.)

Vote for a New Channel Manager

To vote for a new Channel Manager, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions entry

Question One of my Channel Operators has taken over my channel! What do I do?

If one of your Channel Operators has decided to “takeover” your Registered Channel, there are multiple ways to stop them.

If you are the channel Manager (access 500) or have a higher access level than the operator attempting the “takeover”, you can:

  • /msg X suspend #Channel Username [level]
  • /msg X remuser #Channel Username

You will then need to possibly UNBAN yourself with X, if you are banned.  If restrictive modes are preventing you from joining, you can use X’s CLEARMODE command.

  • /msg X clearmode #Channel
  • /msg X lbanlist #Channel *
  • /msg X unban #Channel *!*my@matchingBanMask.tld

Un-registered Channel Takeovers

If you are one of the ops of a un-registered channel (no X) and your channel has been taken over, or everyone deopped; you should join #ReOp and report this immediately. 

If a channel is taken over again by the same user; IRC4Fun IRC Operators will intervene to deop the offending user and re-op the other scoring ops utilizing Uworld or EUworld.

Frequently Asked Questions entry

Question How do I register a Channel?
Answer 1. You will need to have a Username registered with X on IRC4Fun
2. You will need to have a Username registered with our website, matching your X username.
3. channel-registration">Review the Channel Service Committee Guidelines
4. Click "Add Topic" and provide the #Channel in the subject along with the description of the channel in the body of the message.
5. A CService Administrator will review the request and start the Notification period (48 Hours) allowing users to object to the registration.
6. If no objections are received; or if the objections are deemed not valid; the channel will be automatically registered after the Notification period has completed.

Frequently Asked Questions entry

Question How do I get a list of commands available to me?
Answer To get a List of commands available to you, at your access level, on a channel:

To get a List of commands available to you, at level authenticated, without a channel:

To get Help on an individual command:

Frequently Asked Questions entry

Question Is X logging everything said in my channel?

No.  X can tell how many lines of text a user is sending to the channel, and if FLOODPRO (Flood Protection) is enabled, it can react on abuses of it’s custom-set options.

X does not log channel conversations, nor does it monitor them for content or clarity.  IRC is an un-moderated medium of communication.

(Keep in mind that IRC4Fun does not “police” channels or users.  We can only enforce our Policies.  We do not believe in any type of “spy” abilities – plus this is illegal in some countries/jurisdictions)

Frequently Asked Questions entry

Question How do I give/remove users access on my channel?

To add a user to your channel’s access list, use:

/msg X ADDUSER #channel username level

To remove a user from your channel’s access list, use:

/msg X REMUSER #channel username

Both commands require you to have an access level of 400 or more.  You can only add users with an access level lower than your own, and cannot remove users with higher level access than you.

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