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Page: Acceptable_Use_Policy

Acceptable Use Policy:   AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) When you connect to the IRC4Fun Network, you agree to be bound by the following rules. If you do not abide…


Page: add_webchat

Add Webchat to Your Website & Social Media: Web Chat Link-sharing Options: Do you have a website or want to share your channel with others? We have a lot of wa…


Page: chanfix

IRC4Fun's C (ChanFix)


Page: CService

CService - IRC4Fun Channel Service (X): Welcome to IRC4Fun's Channel Service Committee website! IRC4Fun provides a Channel Service to established channels to p…


Page: Services_Guidelines

Services Guidelines: Channel Service Committee Guidelines: **CHANNEL SERVICE (X) __A__cceptable __U__se __P__olicy** *Per legal requirements: - __US CO…


Page: uin-policy

United IRC Networks Policies (UINP): The following document describes the Policies for United IRC Networks (also known as the “UINP”)  By linking your network …


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