Happy Halloween from IRC4Fun!

Happy Halloween from IRC4Fun!

Happy Halloween!

We would like to wish all of our users a HAPPY and SAFE Halloween! (for those who participate)  Even X has decided to participate this year!  (The other Service Bots could care less, it seems)

[15:03:12] * X has quit (Service unloaded.)
[15:03:12] * Spooky-X (cservice@IRC4Fun.net) has joined
[15:03:12] * services.IRC4Fun.net sets mode [#irc4fun +o Spooky-X]
[15:06:10] <Spooky-X> oooga-booga (i’m terrifyingly scary now)
[15:06:55] * Spooky-X trips over a chair while trying to move scarily towards Medusa

(Hopefully X gets enough candy and hands out enough scares :p)

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