Follow the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on IRC4Fun

Channels, General
We have setup a channel, #Coronavirus, for users to keep up to date with on-going news, statistics and case numbers. News - News will be posted periodically Twitter Posts - Occasional tweets with information & news Statistics/Case Numbers - Periodically, statistics and case count numbers will be posted. You can also query to check your location by typing the following commands in the channel: Commands to check Statistics:
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New CService Verification Question & Answer

IRC4Fun's Channel Service Team has recently unveiled the new Live Web Interface, and a lot of new features with it. To ensure that you are able to reset your password, make certain requests through the Web Interface, or to use some of the interactive forms; you will need to have a Verification Question and Answer set. (more…)
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The New IRC4Fun

IRC4Fun recently switched to new IRC Server and IRC Services software.  Click Here for more information.

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