Server List Updated

We’ve updated the Server-list for IRC4Fun with the addition of two (2) new fully-linked servers, sponsored by tabb and the Sacredland team! With these updates brings 3 new Round Robins for IRC4Fun clients to use, making IRC4Fun an international network! IRC4Fun now has client servers in the following locations: United States

TESTLINK > Sacredland.*

We are thrilled to announce another new server to join the IRC4Fun network! Sacredland.* ( or is administered by tabb (tabb @ and is hosted in Germany.  tabb’s new server marks IRC4Fun’s first EU server!  After the testlink is completed, sacredland.* will be the primary server for the new

Gaga.* temporarily unavailable

Due to some stability issues, Gaga.* has been temporarily JUPEd and will remain un-available to the network until such a time that it becomes stable or is moved. We apologize for the inconvenience! UPDATE (11/14/2010 @2:23am) Gaga.* is back online – we hope it’s stability issues are resolved! 🙂 -IRC4Fun

IRC4Fun is now 3 years old! :)

Well, this announcement is a little late, but IRC4Fun is now officially 3 years old – and still growing! Thank You to all of our loyal users throughout these 3 great, fun years! We look forward to serving your IRC needs for years and years to come! 🙂 -Operations (Operations

+q (Owner) / +a (Protected) are BACK!

We’ve decided to re-activate the 2 Channel Modes that were previously not available when we returned to Unreal IRCd. +a designates a Channel User as a Protected User (thus they cannot be kicked, banned, or deop’d by lower level +o Operators). +q designates a Channel User as a Channel Founder


New server janus.* test-linked to IRC4Fun.  This will be IRC4Fun’s first official link, and will be quite beneficial to IRC4Fun users and to other networks and their guests alike. You can /join #LinkChat to chat with users from different networks that are participating in this Janus link.  (There is usually

IRCd Change

Due to a security vulnerability discovered in Nefarious IRCu and a few other bugs; IRC4Fun has reverted back to Unreal IRCd. We apologize for the lack of notice last night, but the immediate switchover was necessary to prevent abuse due to the rather serious bug. The network should be back

IRC4Fun Services Web Interface

We are pleased to announce that the IRC4Fun Services Web Interface ( has finished and passed the beta testing phases, and is now considered fully stable and operational.  (However, we just can’t stop ourselves when it comes to adding new features – so stay tuned for even more!) Our Services

Happy (Early) Birthday, Aaron!

One of IRC4Fun’s Administrators is celebrating a Birthday this week!  We would like to wish him an early Happy Birthday! Happy 24th TheHotDudeNTX! We hope you have a fabulous 24th Birthday! 🙂 -siniStar (siniStar @

Minor URL Changes for News Articles

In order to streamline our website and enhance it for future functionality/speed, we have changed the URL structure used to link to News/Articles on our website.  (If you have linked to any of our stories, they should temporarily continue to redirect to the new URLs — but you may want