IRCd Change

Due to a security vulnerability discovered in Nefarious IRCu and a few other bugs; IRC4Fun has reverted back to Unreal IRCd. We apologize for the lack of notice last night, but the immediate switchover was necessary to prevent abuse due to the rather serious bug. The network should be back

IRC4Fun Services Web Interface

We are pleased to announce that the IRC4Fun Services Web Interface ( has finished and passed the beta testing phases, and is now considered fully stable and operational.  (However, we just can’t stop ourselves when it comes to adding new features – so stay tuned for even more!) Our Services

Happy (Early) Birthday, Aaron!

One of IRC4Fun’s Administrators is celebrating a Birthday this week!  We would like to wish him an early Happy Birthday! Happy 24th TheHotDudeNTX! We hope you have a fabulous 24th Birthday! 🙂 -siniStar (siniStar @

Minor URL Changes for News Articles

In order to streamline our website and enhance it for future functionality/speed, we have changed the URL structure used to link to News/Articles on our website.  (If you have linked to any of our stories, they should temporarily continue to redirect to the new URLs — but you may want

DNS Ban List Checks

Beginning today at 5pm CST, all IRC4Fun Servers will scan connecting user’s IP addresses against various DNS Blacklists to prevent abuse. Until now, each server had a bot that would scan connecting users for each server against these lists, and if matching; G:lining the user. Now each IRC4Fun Client Server

Planned Services Upgrades – 10/03/2010

On Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 IRC4Fun Services will undergo a few upgrades.  The upgrades will be mostly non-visible bug fixes, etc. Immediately following the upgrades, Services will restart.  We appreciate your patience – X, N, M & A will return in <1 minute. Please feel free to /join #Help with

We've redesigned the IRC4Fun website, again

Well, once again, we’ve updated the IRC4Fun IRC Network webpage.  We feel that this look best represents the network and makes the content easier to navigate and find.  Plus, we like to keep it interesting for you! Please let us know if you run into any bugs that may be

Server Upgrades – Completed

It was that time again – we’ve upgraded all IRC4Fun servers to Nefarious 1.3.0, which provides a few new features! New Features Channel Mode +L – (Syntax: /mode #channel1 +L #channel2) +L allows IRC4Fun channels to send users to another channel [in this example, #channel2] when conditions (such as limit,

Services Interface & Website Updates!

We’ve got some really, really exciting news for our users!  We have been working (day and night) on our Services Web Interface, and have added some new features! (some of which will soon be available here on our primary website) Users can now register their Nicknames via the Services Web

IRC4Fun is now on Facebook & Twitter!

Just wanted to let all of our users know: IRC4Fun is now on Facebook & Twitter! If  you truly enjoy IRC4Fun, you should like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!