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Acceptable Use Policy
Privacy Policy

IRC4Fun Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is important to us. Our Privacy Policy is simple and privacy is one of our highest priorities!

IRC4Fun is dedicated to ensuring and protecting the privacy of it’s users.

Your Privacy

IRC4Fun will never share, sell, or distribute any of our users personal or account information. Information given to IRC4Fun during registration or profile updates will never be shared, sold, or distributed. IRC4Fun may occasionally send you e-mails related to IRC4Fun and/or it’s Services, but will never reveal your e-mail or contact information to outside sources. You may unsubscribe from IRC4Fun emails when/if you receive them by clicking the enclosed Unsubscribe link.

Data Retention

IRC4Fun collects and uses certain information about users in order to provide services and enable certain functions.

IRC4Fun may collect the following information:
  • Username/Account on the IRC4Fun network
  • E-mail address
  • IP address/hostname
  • Verification Question & Answer
Collecting the above data helps IRC4Fun deliver its services to you.

Specifically, IRC4Fun may use data:
  • To improve the provided services.
  • To enable you to reset your password/recover your account.
  • To verify you, before making account changes or changes to your channel registrations.
  • To contact you in relation to IRC4Fun services or important communications.
  • To respond to a specific inquiry made via e-mail or the complaints system.
IRC4Fun does not collect or log private or public chat. However, users may log their own chats privately. Be careful about disclosing any personal information in a channel or private message because that information may be logged by a third party, which is beyond the control of IRC4Fun.

We retain all account information and data indefinitely unless a user deletes their account (Forms > Purge my Username (Account)), in which case the data is purged from our systems in accordance with our general data retention policy of thirty (30) days. We retain login activity for a period of thirty (30) days after which the data is purged from our system. We do not maintain any logs of user chat activity.

Disclosure & Use of Personal Information
IRC4Fun may be required to provide your personal information to law enforcement in the event of a criminal investigation, criminal prosecution, or civil subpoena. IRC4Fun will comply with legal instruments that follow proper procedure and are sufficiently narrow in their scope as to not infringe on the civil liberties of others.

Law Enforcement

IRC4Fun will however, cooperate with Law Enforcement to the best of it’s abilities when required to do so.

IRC Privacy

The administration of the IRC4Fun does not log or monitor any traffic or content that may pass through their servers for content or clarity. Private and Channel messages cannot be logged by the servers, services, or staff.

Your privacy is respected as we would want ours to be!

In Short…

IRC4Fun will never release user account information or any other information unless forced to, by law enforcement. Your privacy is respected as we would want ours to be!


Last Updated: 3/3/2020

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