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IRC4Fun Servers

IRC4Fun has servers internationally to serve you better. We recommend using a server that is located nearest to you.

Status Server name Ports Admin Server sponsor
Server is ONLINE. Location: Canada apocalypse.IRC4Fun.net (Quebec, CA) 6667,6697 siniStar n / a
Server is ONLINE. Location: United Kingdom applied.IRC4Fun.net (London, UK) 6667,6697 giggsey n / a
Server is ONLINE. Location: Netherlands blackhole.IRC4Fun.net (Netherlands) 6667,6697 tabb Ramnode
Server is ONLINE. Location: United States Coven.IRC4Fun.net (Texas, US) 6667,6697 siniStar katsklaw
Server is ONLINE. Location: Germany enode.IRC4Fun.net (Germany, DE) 6667,6697 cna  
Server is ONLINE. Location: Germany epsilon.IRC4Fun.net (Germany, DE) 6667,6697 tabb UpCloud
Server is ONLINE. Location: Canada Gaga.IRC4Fun.net (Quebec, CA) 6667,6697 siniStar n / a
Server is ONLINE. Location: Australia kangaroo.IRC4Fun.net (Sydney, AU) 6667,6697 tabb Vultr
Server is ONLINE. Location: Singapore otaku.IRC4Fun.net (Singapore) 6667,6697 tabb linode
Server is ONLINE. Location: United States utopia.IRC4Fun.net (New York, US) 6667,6697 tabb Datawagon
Server is ONLINE. services.IRC4Fun.net (United States) **** CService (X) DigitalOcean
Server is ONLINE. channels2.IRC4Fun.net (not disclosed) **** ChanFix (W) siniStar
Server is ONLINE. EUHub.IRC4Fun.net (not disclosed) **** cna
Server is ONLINE. Uworld.EU.IRC4Fun.net (Germany) **** siniStar katsklaw
Server is ONLINE. Uworld.IRC4Fun.net (not disclosed) **** siniStar siniStar
Server is ONLINE. UIN.IRC4Fun.net (Canada) **** siniStar, tabb siniStar

Recent News

IRC4Fun has a new website! (November 30, 2019)
Due to issues with our old website CMS, we've decided to redesign and re-write the IRC4Fun website so that it is easier to use, navigate and quickly find what you're looking for. We hope you enjoy the new site! [Read more]
illusion.IRC4Fun.net is now apocalypse.IRC4Fun.net (November 26, 2019)
The client server illusion.IRC4Fun.net is now known as apocalypse.IRC4Fun.net. Using the old server address (illusion.IRC4Fun.net) will continue (temporarily) to redirect you to the new server's address. Please check your IRC clients and ensure that they are connecting to the new address OR irc.IRC4Fun.net. [Read more]
IRC4Fun is now on Discord! (August 4, 2019)
We're excited to announce that we have launched a bridge from the IRC4Fun IRC network to the IRC4Fun Discord, allowing users from both platforms to chat, explore, bridge channels and much more! [Read more]
New Chanfix (W) (August 1, 2019)
ChanFix is a service for un-registered channels that can reop the channel in the event that it loses all operators. ChanFix can also reverse takeovers and reop the proper operators. ChanFix works by scoring users who hold channel operator status in a channel (and are logged into X) over a two (2) week period. ChanFix (W) can be triggered manually by Users, IRC Operators as well as automatically. [Read more]
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