Channel Modes

Mode:Description / Use:Requires:Syntax:
+aAdmin-Only: Requires users to be a Server Administrator to /JOINIRC Operator/mode #channel +a
+bBan: Bans users who match from joining or speaking+o (@)/mode #channel +b *!*user@*.host.tld
+b ~n:~_:Extban Action: No Nick Changes Prevents matching users from changing nicknames+o (@)/mode #channel +b ~n:~a:AccountName
+b ~q:~_:Extban Action: Quiet Prevents matching users from speaking+o (@)/mode #channel +b ~q:~a:AccountName
+b ~a:AccountExtban Match: Account Bans users logged in as 'Account' from joining -- can also be used with an Extban Action+o (@)/mode #channel +b ~a:Account
+b ~c:#Channel2Extban Match: Channel Bans users who are in #Channel2 from joining+o (@)/mode #channel +b ~c:#Channel2
+b ~j:#Channel2Extban Match: Link banlist Links the banlist from #Channel2+o (@)/mode #channel +b ~J:#channel2
+b ~r:*bot*Extban Match: Realname Bans users with 'bot' in their realname (gecos)+o (@)/mode #channel +b ~r:*bot*
+cNo Colors: Blocks color codes from being sent to the channel+o (@)/mode #channel +c
+CNo-CTCPs: Blocks mass-CTCP requests to the channel+o (@)/mode #channel +C
+DDelayed Joins: Hides join-events until the user has a mode set on them (+v or +o)+o (@)/mode #channel +D
+dWas Delayed Joins: Replaces +D when there are still hidden users on the channel
+iInvite Only: Prevents users from /JOIN'ing unless they are /INVITE'd+o (@)/mode #channel +i
+kKeyed: Sets a passphraze on the channel, required for users to /JOIN+o (@)/mode #channel +k passphrase
+lLimit: Sets a limit of how many users may JOIN the channel+o (@)/mode #channel +l 30
+LChannel Link/Redirect: Sets a Linked Channel that users attempting to JOIN will be redirected to+o (@)/mode #channel +L #NewChannel
+mModerated: Only users with VOICE (+v) can speak+o (@)/mode #channel +m
+MRegistered-Moderated: Only registered (and logged in) users can speak+o (@)/mode #channel +M
+nNo outside messages: Prevents users from speaking when they have not /JOIN'd+o (@)/mode #channel +n
+NNo Channel-Notices: Prevents users from sending NOTICEs to the channel+o (@)/mode #channel +N
+oChannel Operator: Gives channel operator status to a user+o (@)/mode #channel +o Nickname
+OIRC Operators-only: Only IRC Operators may /JOIN+o (@)/mode #channel +O
+pPrivate: Sets the channel as private+o (@)/mode #channel +p
+QHide QUIT/PART messages: Hides all /QUIT and /PART messages+o (@)/mode #channel +Q
+rRegistered Users-Only: Only registered (and logged in) users may /JOIN+o (@)/mode #channel +r
+RChannel is Registered: Marks the channel as registered with XX / ServersCan only be set by X and IRC servers
+sSecret: Channel does not show up in /LIST or /WHOIS+o (@)/mode #channel +s
+SStrip Codes: Removes all colors and effects on messages+o (@)/mode #channel +S
+tOnly Ops can set TOPIC: Only channel ops can change the channel topic+o (@)/mode #channel +t
+TNo Multi-Target Messages: Prevents messages sent by /AMSG and /AME+o (@)/mode #channel +T
+vVoice: Allows user to speak during Moderation (+m)+o (@)/mode #channel +v Nickname
+zPersistent Channel: Channel will stay open persistently, even if emptyIRC OperatorCan only be set by IRC Operators
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