Channel Manager FAQs

What are my responsibilities as Channel Manager?

As the channel manager, you are responsible for all activities of your channel including users, bots and operators. As long as the channel and it’s users, bots and operators do not violate the Acceptable Use Policy or Channel Service AUP, you can run your channel as you see fit.

So I have access to the channel.  What can I do?

To find out what commands you have access to: /msg X showcommands #channel You can also get a list of X commands here.

What are X’s default settings for channels?

X allows Channel Managers to adjust channel settings and defaults. Some settings can be adjusted by level 450+ users (operators), and some can only be adjusted by the Channel Manager.
Channel Manager Settings:

  • AUTOJOIN (ON/OFF) Default: ON) – Makes X automatically join the channel upon restarts or maintenance.
  • MASSDEOPPRO (0-7) Default: 3) – The maximum deops X will allow a user to perform within 15 seconds.
  • NOOP (ON/OFF) Default: OFF) – Only X can be channel operator and all operator commands must be performed through X.
  • NOTAKE (ON/OFF) Default: ON) – Controls whether X will punish users for attempting to takeover the channel by banning all clients.
  • STRICTOP (ON/OFF) Default: OFF) – Only users with access (100+) and who are logged into X can be channel operator.
  • TAKEREVENGE (NONE/BAN/SUSPEND) Default: NONE) – Configure the action that X will take when a user triggers NOTAKE prevention.

Channel Operator (level 450+) Settings:

  • AUTOTOPIC (ON/OFF) Default: OFF) – Makes X automatically reset the channel topic to the set DESCRIPTION & URL every 30 minutes (if the channel is active).
  • DESCRIPTION (blank) Default: empty) – Sets the channel description (292 characters max), which can be seen in the CHANINFO reply.
  • FLOATLIM (ON/OFF) Default: OFF) – X will reset the channel limit (channel mode +l) within a preset margin above the number of users currently in the channel.
  • FLOATGRACE (0-19) Default: 1) – If the difference between the current limit and what the new limit would be is less than the grace value, X will not reset the limit, so that quiet channels are not littered with mode changes.
  • FLOATMARGIN (2-20) Default: 3) – Sets the user margin for the floating limit.
  • FLOATMAX (0-65536) Default: 0) – Sets a maximum limit for the floating limit setting.
  • FLOATPERIOD (20-200) Default: 20) – Sets the time period, in seconds, before X resets the channel limit.
  • FLOODPRO (DEFAULTS/KICK/BAN/OFF) Default: OFF) – This channel flag controls the behaviour of channel flood protection, to punish those flooding a channel via channel MESSAGE/NOTICE/CTCP/REPEAT.
  • KEYWORDS (WORD1,WORD2,WORD3) Default: empty) – Sets the keywords for the channel (80 characters max) which can be matched in the SEARCH command.
  • MODE Default: empty) – Sets the default channel modes which X should re-set when it comes online after a restart or maintenance.
  • URL ( Default: empty) – You can state the channel’s web site URL(s) with this option (108 characters max).
  • USERFLAGS (0-2) Default: 0) – Set the default AUTOMODE for when a new user is added to the userlist. (0 = None, 1 = Op, 2 = Voice)

You can check your channel’s settings with: /msg X status #channel

To change a setting: /msg X set #channel SETTING value

How do I change X’s settings for a channel?

You can change a setting on your channel with: /msg X set #channel SETTING value

How do I add users to X’s access list?

To add users to your channel’s X op list, you would use X’s ADDUSER command: /msg X adduser #channel Username level

Example: To add SallyP to your channel with an access level of 100 /msg X adduser #channel SallyP 100
SallyP now has access to all commands less than or equal to level 100 in #channel.

How do I add users to X’s ban list?

You can add users to X’s internal ban list for your channel so that the matching user is either kickbanned (bans at level 75+) or just cannot be opped (bans at or under level 74) in the channel.

  • Remember: Bans at or lower than level 74 means the matching user cannot be opped. Bans at or higher than level 75 means the matching user will be kickbanned.
  • Duration Can be up to 365 days, or 0 for permanent.
  • Level Sets the ban level (which can be up to your access level, preventing those with lower access levels from unbanning)
  • Reason Optional, but if provided will be displayed in the kick reason.

To set an X ban: /msg X ban #channel *!*user@*.host 30d 100 Stop advertising
This would (kick)ban anyone matching *!*user@*.host for 30 daysand only ops with access level 100+ can UNBAN through X.

How do I suspend one of my ops in X?

If you have a channel operator (with access in X) who should temporarily not be able to use their access (abuse, dispute with manager, etc) you can SUSPEND it.

  • Remember: You can only suspend users with lower access levels than your own.
  • Duration can be up to 372 days.
  • If you do not provide a suspension level, X will use your access level as the suspension level.

To set an X suspension: /msg X suspend #channel username duration level

Example: To suspend SallyP from your channel for 30 days at level 300 /msg X suspend #channel SallyP 30d 300
This would suspend SallyP‘s access in #channel 30 daysand only ops with access level 300+ can UNSUSPEND through X.

How do I remove users from X’s access list?

To remove a user from your channel’s X op list, you would type: /msg X remuser #channel username

Example: /msg X remuser #channel SallyP
This would remove SallyP’s access to X in #channel.

  • Note: You can only remove users with a lower access level than your own.
  • Channel Managers cannot remove their own access from a channel. The channel must be purged if the manager no longer wants to use it.

Can my channel operators add users to X’s access list?

Users with access level 400+ can add users to the channel’s access list at a lower level than their own, using the ADDUSER command.

Can my channel operators add users to X’s ban list?

Users with access level 75+ can add users to the channel’s ban list at their own (or lower) access level, using the BAN command.
Bans at or lower than level 74 means the matching user cannot be opped.
Bans at or higher than level 75 means the matching user will be kickbanned.

Why is my channel “LOCKED”?

Channels will become LOCKED in situations where:

  • The Channel Manager has not logged in for 45 days or more and a Vote for a new Manager has been initiated.
  • The Channel has been locked due to abuse for an amount of time.

Why is my channel Suspended?

Channels are only suspended after verifiable abuse by one or more users on the channel’s access list after the Channel Manager has been warned.  On IRC4Fun, CService may suspend channels where the Channel Manager has not been able to stop abuse by their ops.  Situations where a channel is suspended more than twice can result in the channel being purged from X, permanently.

X says there is a Vote for a New Manager?

In cases where an active channel’s Manager has been missing for 45 or more days, X will change the channel topic to inform the channel operators of a Vote for a New Channel Manager.

X will change the topic to “Channel Manager has failed to LOGIN. A Vote will be held among users with access to decide on a New Manager. Email your Vote from the address X knows you by, to: ( )”

Users who are already added to the channel’s access list can vote on who the new Manager will be. The current channel Manager can still login (before they reach the 60 days Last Seen) to cancel the vote before it is fulfilled.

Once the channel Manager has been absent for 60 days, the votes will be tallied and the new Manager will replace the current one.

Why is X not in my channel?

If X was in your channel, but isn’t now – there are a few possible reasons:

  • AUTOJOIN may be turned off
  • X left because there was not any activity (joins/parts/quits/messages) in 14 days (X turns off AUTOJOIN)
  • X may have been purged due to you not logging in for 60+ days.

To check and see if X is still registered to your channel: /msg X chaninfo #channel

If your channel is still registered and you want X to rejoin: /msg X join #channel

If your channel is still registered and you want X to rejoin automatically: /msg X set #channel AUTOJOIN ON

If your channel is NO LONGER REGISTERED and you have questions about it – you can join #CService for assistance.

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