Channel Operator FAQs

What is the IRC4Fun Channel Service Committee?

The IRC4Fun Channel Service (CService) operates under the supervision of the IRC4Fun Administrators. Just as all other aspects of IRC4Fun, please keep in mind that the CService is run by volunteers, in their spare time. This is not a paid, full-time job for anyone. If you need assistance with CService, we ask that you mail or go to #cservice.

Who is X?

X is the IRC4Fun Channel Service (CService) bot that resides on each registered channel.

Who is the Channel Manager?

The Channel Manager is the person who registered the channel. There is generally only one Channel Manager, unless a special arrangement has been made with CService to have more than one.

The Channel Manager makes the decisions on how the channel is to be run. This is the person you should go to if you have a problem on your channel.

To find out who the Channel Manager is: /msg X chaninfo #channel

What is a Channel Operator?

A Channel Operator (ChanOp) is a user who has been given operator status on a particular channel. There are 2 types of ChanOps on a registered channel:

a) Those with access to X
b) Those without access to X

The channel manager decides who shall gain access to X on their channel. The channel manager may also delegate this responsibility to one or more 400+ level users (see explanation of levels below).

Regardless of whether or not you actually have access to X as a ChanOp, you have still been given the privilege of helping the Channel Manager maintain the channel. You will be expected to abide by all of the Channel Manager’s rules, as well as CService’s rules.

How do I know if I can op someone who doesn’t have access to X?

Each Channel Manager makes their own rules for things such as this, so be sure to consult the Manager first if you are unsure of the rules.

Keep in mind that it is not a good idea to give ops to just anyone on the channel, though, since as an operator they have the ability to kick and ban anyone off the channel, including you. If you are going to give someone ops make sure you know you can trust them and make sure they know both the Channel Manager’s rules and CService’s rules.

The only time that you will not *physically* be able to give ops to someone who does not have access to X, is if the Channel Manager has placed the channel in StrictOp mode.

What is StrictOp mode?

StrictOp mode means that only users who have access to X’s userlist can have ops on the channel. If you try to op someone that X doesn’t recognize from the userlist, then X will deop this person.

What are the responsibilities of a Channel Operator?

A ChanOp is responsible for helping to maintain the atmosphere that the Channel Manager has set for their channel. This means ensuring that all users abide by the set channel rules and warning/removing users who do not abide by them.

How do I know who has access to X?

You can find out if someone is on the user list for a channel by: /msg X access #channel nickname

If the person is on the list for that channel, you will get a notice which looks like this:

-X- USER: siniStar ACCESS: 450 L
-X- LAST SEEN: 2 days, 19:42:16 ago

Line 1: username (account), access level and access flags
Line 2: channel name, automode setting
Line 3: how long ago user was last seen on the channel

How do I get added to a channel’s userlist?

Only ChanOps with ACCESS level 400 or higher can add users to the channel’s user list. Who gets added is usually determined by the Channel Manager. Some channels may have a recommendation/voting process to add new ChanOps. The best bet is to find out what that channel’s procedure is by asking someone who is a ChanOp on that channel.

What is this ACCESS level thing?

A user’s level determines what commands the user has access to on X. Users will have access to the commands for their level, plus all commands for any levels below them. For example, a level 75 user will have access to ban and unban, plus the level 50 and level 0 commands.

To find out what commands you have access to on a particular channel: /msg X showcommands #channelname

Here are the commands for the all the different levels:
Level 500: part set
Level 450: join set+*
Level 400: adduser clearmode* modinfo+ remuser
Level 100: op deop invite suspend unsuspend
Level 75: ban* unban*
Level 50: kick+ topic
Level 25: voice devoice
Level 1: banlist status+
Level 0: access chaninfo info hello* help* lbanlist login motd* newpass note search set showcommands showignore verify suspendme

Some Notes:
500……….. Channel Manager. (MUST login once every 60 days)
450 & 400….. Trusted Administrators. These are ChanOps that the Channel Manager has allowed to help with administrative duties on the channel.
100……….. These ChanOps can command X to perform all regular ChanOp commands, including some special X commands.
75 & 50……. These ChanOps can command X to perform most regular ChanOp commands (see above list) as well as some special ones.
0…………. All users who are not on the bot’s user list for that channel.

Keep in mind that users do not have to have the above values as their levels. For instance, a user could have level 358. This level would mean that the user has all commands for the levels under 358 (100, 75, 50, and 0). Then, say for instance, a user has level 401. This would mean that the user has access to commands at levels 400 and under. Keep in mind that this user can now modify the infomation of any 400 or lower level user (since modinfo is a 400 level command).

NOTE: For “regular” ChanOp commands (ie. kick, ban, unban, op, deop) these levels just allow for the ChanOp to command the bot to do them. Regardless of the ChanOp’s level, these commands can still be performed manually by the ChanOp.

What is AUTOOP?

When AUTOMODE is set to OP, you will be automatically opped by X upon entering the channel.

If AUTOMODE is set to OFF, you will need to:
/msg X op #channel for X to op you.


When AUTOMODE is set to VOICE, you will be automatically voiced by X upon entering the channel.

If AUTOMODE is set to OFF, you will need to:
/msg X voice #channel for X to voice you.

Do I have to login to each channel I have access to, separately?

No.  You simply login to X each time you connect to IRC4Fun and X will perform your AUTOMODEs for each channel that you have access to.

If you disconnect (or get disconnected) from IRC, you will need to login to X again.  If X disconnects due to a netsplit, it will know you are still logged in when the netsplit is over (as long as you do not disconnect during the netsplit).

I forgot my password!  What can I do?

If you forgot your password, you can visit and click on “Forgotten Password”.  You will be asked to verify information on your account as well as your Security Question & Answer.  Upon verifying your information, a password reset link will be emailed to you.

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