I cannot connect.. G-lined

I cannot connect, it says I am G-lined.  What happened?

If you are trying to connect (or were connected) and then were disconnected with “G-lined (some reason here)”, it means that you (or someone sharing your hostname/IP address) have been globally banned from the network.  IRC4Fun’s G-lines can be temporary (most cases) or even permanent (rare cases).  G-lines are used as a last resort to prevent or to stop abuse that is affecting not only the server(s), but the network too.  G-lines are also applied automatically by security services as users connect to the network, if they match certain criteria.

Some reasons that users are automatically G-lined upon connecting:

  • User’s IP address is found to be listed in the DroneBL or EfnetRBL DNS Blacklists. (G-line expires in 24 hours)
  • User has too many connections – usually 5 or more. (G-line expires in 1 hour)
  • User’s nickname, user@, or realname matches a Drone/Botnet pattern. (G-line expires in 24 hours)
  • User has been previously G-lined, however the G-line expired or was lost before it has actually expired from the database; causing the G-line to be re-activated for the remainder of the duration that it was originally added to expire at. (Contact Help @ IRC4Fun.net for assistance)

If you would like to discuss a G-line that is affecting you, you may contact Help @ IRC4Fun.net.  You must provide the [AK#NUMBER] or your IP address/hostname for staff to lookup the incident.  If you are unable to provide either the AK# or IP/hostname; we will be unable to assist you with your inquiry.

Please note that Staff are not under any obligation to remove a G-line that is affecting you.  In some cases, G-lines are unable to be removed and must be waited out.  Use of IRC4Fun is a privilege, not a right – please refer to our Acceptable Use Policy.

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