How can I stop a user from bothering me?

How can I stop a user from bothering me?

If someone is bothering you, we generally recommend that you /IGNORE them.  Most IRC clients do have an “ignore-system” built in, that provides the /IGNORE command.  In some clients or web-chat clients, the ignore system is missing — however IRC4Fun does provide a server-side /SILENCE command.

Using the IGNORE command:

/ignore nickname!*some@hostmask

The ignore system does not stop the user from sending you messages, but your IRC client (if it supports IGNORE) will block them from being displayed to you.

Using the SILENCE command:

/silence +nickname!*some@hostmask

The silence system will block messages from the matching user from being sent to your IRC or web-chat client — however, the entries in your /SILENCE list will clear upon disconnection or reconnection.


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