How do I hide my hostname or IP?

IRC4Fun offers the ability to use a hidden host/cloak like many IRC networks.

By default, your hostname (or IP address) is not hidden or cloaked.

You will need an X Account

You will need to LOGIN to your X Account

  • To LOGIN to X:
  • Type: /CS LOGIN MyUsername MyPassword
  • Alternatively: /msg LOGIN MyUsername MyPassword

To turn on your hidden host/cloak

  • You need to have a registered Account (username) with X.
  • You need to be logged into X.
  • Type: /MODE YourNickname +x
  • NOTE: You should not depend on the hidden host/cloak as a “total” privacy/security solution. It is still possible to get your hostname or IP if someone is determined to do so. (We will not discuss how this can be done, please don’t ask us) For a more effective privacy/security solution, please look into a bouncer, shell, VPN, VPS or znc service.
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