How do I register my Nickname?

How do I register my Nickname?

On IRC4Fun, Nicknames are NOT registered or “owned”. Nicknames can be used on a first come, first served basis. This means that nicknames are generally available to whoever signs on with them (or changes to a nickname using /nick) first.

Users can register Usernames (accounts) for using X, the IRC4Fun Channel Service. This allows for hiding your hostname/IP, registering channels, being added to channel access lists, and more.

Reasons why registering Usernames is better than Nicknames

  • Privacy. It is a lot harder for someone to track or stalk an account as opposed to a nickname.
  • Freedom. People occasionally like to use other nicknames.
  • Nickname hoarders. Much like the TV-show, people like to register and/or group hoards of nicknames they will never use – and deny others the ability to use for no good reason.

For more information about registrations (account or channel), please see our Channel Service FAQ.

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