X is down, can ChanFix reop my channel?

X is down or split, can ChanFix reop my channel?

If your channel is registered (normally has X in it), ChanFix (W) is unable to act on your channel.

When a channel is registered on X, it sets the channel to channel-mode +R (registered) which means that ChanFix has not kept records for that channel.  (Please note: Even if you told X to PART your channel for weeks, if the channel is still set to +R; ChanFix will not track or score the channel, or allow automatic/manual fix requests by IRC Operators. Only X and servers can unset channel mode +R – IRC Operators are unable to set or unset it.)

Registered channels will need to wait for X to return.  You can seek assistance in #IRC4Fun if there is active abuse on your opless, registered channel.  (Staff are not able to op themselves or others, but may be able to assist with stopping the abuse.)

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