On-going Spam Attacks #IRC4Fun #IRC

On-going Spam Bot Attacks are hitting almost all IRC Networks, relentlessly. We’ve had to enable counter measures and tighten some security measures.  We are pleased to announce that 99% of spam is G-lined before it ever gets to you or your channels on IRC4Fun. While these spam bots are not

DNS Ban List Checks

Beginning today at 5pm CST, all IRC4Fun Servers will scan connecting user’s IP addresses against various DNS Blacklists to prevent abuse. Until now, each server had a bot that would scan connecting users for each server against these lists, and if matching; G:lining the user. Now each IRC4Fun Client Server

IRCd Change to IRCu

On Saturday, July 30th, 2010 IRC4Fun Server Administrators (IRC4Fun Administration) voted to change Server IRCd Software.  The vote was to either keep running Unreal3.2* or change to Nefarious IRCu. Per the vote, the change would require client and hub servers be changed over in a well organized process to prevent inconvenience

New Channel Mode (+G) [AntiSpam Mode]

[emc2alert type=”warning” style=”normal” position=”top” visible=”visible” closebtn=”0″ title=”HISTORICAL DOCUMENT” ]This information is very old and only kept for historical purposes. This mode and URL censor no longer exist.[/emc2alert] IRC4Fun has successfully implemented and tested the new Channel Mode (+G) that prevents URL and IRC network spam from ever showing to channel