FunJanus has retired and is replaced by PyLink

We are somewhat thrilled and saddened at the same time to announce that FunJanus has retired as of today.  We are linked via Overdrive-IRC‘s PyLink instance (which is a modern replacement for Janus with additional features and is actively developed) The FunJanus had way too many bugs (which were only

New FunJanus Website & Functionality!

The FunJanus has a new website and additional functionality! Applications have been re-opened with criteria and expectations being made more clearly.  We’ve also added a FunJanus Resource Portal for Linked Networks Staff. Linked Network Administrators were added automatically, and Network Operators can register and begin using the resource once their

#KickWarz Game Channel

Have you ever been bored on IRC? Need to take some aggression out? Well Turner from FlumpIRC has come up with the concept of a Kick Warz Game; where users join #KickWarz and are automatically given ops. The point of the game is to kick users and build a high

News & Updates!

   First, IRC4Fun will discontinue the IRC4Fun Janus within the coming week. Currently, the only linked network is TrivialityZone. We will likely link to TrivialityZone‘s Janus as the transition begins.     Janus Update (11/15/2013): We’ve disabled IRC4Fun’s FunJanus and completed the link to TrivialityZone’s Janus.  Everything went smoothly, thanks to

IRC4Fun (Fun)Janus Links

We’re very excited to announce 3 new network links via our new Janus (FunJanus) service! We’ve known these networks and their staff for some time, and feel that together we can bring a like-minded, futuristic, fun, stable and well organized network for all of our users. New FunJanus Links: OPX

IRC4Fun launches it's Janus service (FunJanus)

We’re excited to launch our own Janus service, FunJanus! FunJanus is designed to allow fellow networks that seek to improve their IRC user experience by adding more channels and networks for users to chat with. Now networks that were once limited to linking only to networks running the same IRCd