IRC Servers & Services change

IRC4Fun Servers & IRC4Fun Services Transition IRC4Fun administration has made the decision to change our IRC Server software to Nefarious2 ircu, and switched to GNUworld IRC Services (X).  All previously registered channels have been pre-registered with X.  Channel Owners will Read More …

December News (2017)

  IRC4Fun News (December 2017)      Welcome to the December 2017 IRC4Fun News!  We’ve been busy (as usual) making IRC4Fun better for our users, channels, groups, organizations and projects!  We’ve been streamlining the network, optimizing, and more! There have Read More … (from France, EU) joins IRC4Fun! [admin'd by siniStar]

Welcome to (from France, EU) is administered by siniStar, and the server will be entering into a test-link. We’re very excited about the additional potential this server would allow for us.

Automatically applied Cloaks have been improved!

Automatically applied Cloaks by IRC4Fun Client Servers have been updated.  Now users are given a full Cloak upon connection! We’ve updated our Client Servers to apply a full cloak to our users and guests upon connection, giving our users and Read More …

New Server in Singapore:

We’re excited to announce another new IRC Server for our clients, hosted out of Singapore – administered by tabb called We’re always looking for ways to increase our international coverage and provide better services for our clients.  We hope this new addition Read More …

New Server in Netherlands (EU) in testlink

We’re pleased to announce another server has been linked to IRC4Fun in Netherlands (EU) by tabb! ( We look forward to providing a better range of service to our clients.  Thanks tabb!

Services & IRC Server Upgrades

If you were paying attention to your IRC client this evening; you may have started to wonder “What is going on?!” with Services disappearing for a few moments before returning, and then the notices about each server being updated; followed Read More …

IRC4Fun Servers migrated to UnrealIRCd

Today we migrated all IRC4Fun Servers to UnrealIRCd in order to fix bugs encountered by channels and users that would occasionally cause desyncs.  With this change, most user & channel modes should remain un-affected, while some may have disappeared and new ones are present. Some Read More …

InspIRCd Upgrade

As some users may have noticed today, we upgraded IRC4Fun Servers to the latest stable version (2.0.15) which should resolve some bugs and channel/user desync issues. All servers were upgraded successfully in less than 1 minute and the network is Read More … is test-linked

We’re pleased to announce that is now test-linked to IRC4Fun, admin’d by siniStar. This will give us additional redundancy and backup should one of the existing longtime servers are ever lost.