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IRC Servers & Services change

IRC4Fun Servers & IRC4Fun Services Transition IRC4Fun administration has made the decision to change our IRC Server software to Nefarious2 ircu, and switched to GNUworld IRC Services (X).  All previously registered channels have been pre-registered with X.  Channel Owners will need to reclaim their channels once they have created a


ChanServ’s FLAGS LIST command has been updated, as well as FLAGS/ACCESS LISTS being public (can opt to keep FLAGS LIST/ACCESS LIST private) ChanServ FLAGS LIST / ChanServ ACCESS LIST We’ve updated our ChanServ FLAGS LIST output to no longer show AKICKs, since they have their own list. (AKICK LIST)  This

Channels which have not been used in 6 months were purged

Channels that have not been used by anyone on the Access or Flags in 6 months have been purged In an effort to better clear up a lot of “abandoned” channels, we have purged channels in ChanServ which were un-used by anyone on the access list in 6 months or

December News (2017)

  IRC4Fun News (December 2017)      Welcome to the December 2017 IRC4Fun News!  We’ve been busy (as usual) making IRC4Fun better for our users, channels, groups, organizations and projects!  We’ve been streamlining the network, optimizing, and more! There have literally been a LOT of improvements, so we’ll sum them

IRC4Fun Services Web Interface

IRC4Fun Services

IRC4Fun Services Web Interface (original meets modern day!) The IRC4Fun Services Web Interface has been changed over to our newest web interface! (well, sort of..) The NEW IRC4Fun Services Web Interface is a complete re-write of our original Services Web Interface, emulating a modern day GNUworld experience – but with

IRC4Fun Service Bots changing hosts to

All IRC4Fun Services Bots will change hosts from IRC4Fun.Services to In an effort to keep things more consistent, all IRC4Fun Service Bots (ChanServ, NickServ, etc) will have their @host changed to for better consistency. While this change should not cause any required changes on our users’ part, we

Channel Service 2 (W) in beta

IRC4Fun Services

IRC4Fun is currently beta testing it’s alternative to ChanServ, W (which features X or GNUworld CMaster emulation) As some users who hang out in #IRC4Fun may have noticed, IRC4Fun has finally connected W (Channel Service 2) to the network and is testing the service.  W features GNUworld (X) emulation that

Reaching your MemoServ memo limit?

IRC4Fun Services

IRC4Fun Services were updated this morning, and with the update comes a new feature. Instead of just continuing to automatically block new Memos with the standard informing notices that they have unread Memos, users with full MemoServ inboxes will now be informed not only of having memos when they identify

Services Email Outage

We regret to inform users that IRC4Fun Services encountered an email outage on December 13th, 2016.  The issue affecting the email being sent has since been corrected and all registrations that day (where the verification email could not be sent) were verified by force by IRC4Fun Staff.   We appreciate your