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December News (2017)

  IRC4Fun News (December 2017)      Welcome to the December 2017 IRC4Fun News!  We’ve been busy (as usual) making IRC4Fun better for our users, channels, groups, organizations and projects!  We’ve been streamlining the network, optimizing, and more! There have literally been a LOT of improvements, so we’ll sum them

IRC4Fun changes from InspIRCd to ChatIRCd!

IRC4Fun Server Update

IRC4Fun changes IRCd software from InspIRCd to ChatIRCd (a fork of Charybdis) We’re excited to announce that we have completed our transition of IRCd software from InspIRCd to ChatIRCd, which is a modern (and maintained) fork of Charybdis.  This allows us to operate closer to how we desire (utilizing less

IRC Servers Upgraded: Notes & News

IRC4Fun Server Update

IRC Servers Upgraded: Notes & News We performed network maintenance and updates to every IRC4Fun server this evening to the latest software release by our ircd vendor: InspIRCd. All IRC4Fun servers were upgraded to the latest version to fix some bugs and minor security issues.  With the update, some additional

IRC Servers Update – Scheduled 01/15/2017

IRC4Fun Server Update

We wanted to inform users that a necessary update to our IRC servers will occur on Sunday, January 15th, 2017. During this update, various servers will be re-routed to a different hub for the updates.  Services will be re-routed as well to the different hub during the upgrade. We plan

New Server in Singapore:

We’re excited to announce another new IRC Server for our clients, hosted out of Singapore – administered by tabb called We’re always looking for ways to increase our international coverage and provide better services for our clients.  We hope this new addition (in addition to the rest of the new IRC4Fun Servers