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Test-Link enters test-link, Galaxy.* soon to delink

We’re happy to announce that (hosted in Germany) entered Test-Link We’re excited to announce that has entered test-link, administered by tabb and hosted in Germany.  epsilon.* also supports IPV6 and SSL connections. Sadly, is leaving IRC4Fun We’re sad to report that will soon be leaving IRC4Fun enters Test-Link

We’re excited to announce that has entered TestLink We were thrilled that a sponsor stepped forward and offered us an IRC Server, allowing us to offer another IPv6 and SSL compatible server from Dallas, Texas (USA).  The server has been named, administered by synapse and sponsored by katsklaw. & enter Testlink!

We’re excited to announce a new Server two New Servers and Administrator in Testlink! & have been granted a Testlink to IRC4Fun, administered by Karion. has SSL and IPv6, and is located in Frankfurt, DE. has SSL and IPv6, and is located in Paris, FR. We’re excited to welcome Karion,

New Server in Netherlands (EU) in testlink

We’re pleased to announce another server has been linked to IRC4Fun in Netherlands (EU) by tabb! ( We look forward to providing a better range of service to our clients.  Thanks tabb! is test-linked

We’re pleased to announce that is now test-linked to IRC4Fun, admin’d by siniStar. This will give us additional redundancy and backup should one of the existing longtime servers are ever lost.


We’re a little behind on the news, but here goes: Test-Links: (failed testlink) (failed testlink) (still in testlink) (still in testlink) Full-Links: (admin: tabb) Please see the Servers page for more information about IRC4Fun Client Servers to connect to.

TESTLINK > Sacredland.*

We are thrilled to announce another new server to join the IRC4Fun network! Sacredland.* ( or is administered by tabb (tabb @ and is hosted in Germany.  tabb’s new server marks IRC4Fun’s first EU server!  After the testlink is completed, sacredland.* will be the primary server for the new


New server janus.* test-linked to IRC4Fun.  This will be IRC4Fun’s first official link, and will be quite beneficial to IRC4Fun users and to other networks and their guests alike. You can /join #LinkChat to chat with users from different networks that are participating in this Janus link.  (There is usually