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Abuse & Harassment

IRC4Fun Staff take abuse & harassment very seriously.  We have a zero-tolerance policy for abuse & harassment.  We do not want our TheLounge service used to commit abuse, harassment, or evasion of bans.  We are also happy to work with network & channel staff members to ensure our service is not used for these reasons.


How to ban IRC4Fun TheLounge users

Each user is required to use their TheLounge Username as their ident [or username] when connecting to an IRC network.  (In cases where this is violated, TheLounge Staff can verify and permanently suspend or remove the user.)

To ban someone who is using IRC4Fun’s TheLounge, simply set a ban for *!*  If this user evades the ban, please contact us at TheLounge.staff @ or open a Support Ticket here.


When you should NOT report abuse

In most cases, we will leave it up to the channel (or network) staff to handle abuse that can be easily solved by a Channel ban.

  • A single abusive user who isn’t evading bans and does not return. A ban solves the problem.
  • Someone’s squatting your nick or channel. This is what NickServ/ChanServ etc. are for. If you need to reclaim your nick or channel and haven’t registered it, please appeal to network staff. This isn’t an area we get involved in unless widespread impersonation and abusive behavior is taking place.
  • Any situation where using the /ignore feature of your client would solve it.


How to report abuse or harassment

If a user continues to use IRC4Fun’s TheLounge to evade bans, please let us know and we will take action. To file a report, send the following details to

  • All usernames, hosts and nicks used by the abuser
  • IRC server and channel details where the abuse occured
  • Time and date of incident (include your timezone!)
  • Excerpt of relevant logs/conversations or other information

Or you may also submit the information via a Support Ticket here.

Example Report

Subject: Abuse report for user supagal

This user was spamming in #chatzone on
Here are logs from 10 minutes ago (10 Oct, 4:30pm GMT)

2:58pm annoyinguser joined #chatzone (
2:58pm <annoyinguser> SPAM
2:58pm <annoyinguser> SPAM
2:58pm <annoyinguser> SPAM

... and any additional information you might have, that is applicable to this abuse report.

How we will respond

  • We will investigate abuse reports and either warn the user or ban them.
  • We will not tell you their email address, IP address, or any other personal information.

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