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United IRC Networks (UIN)



United IRC Networks is a collective of like-minded IRC networks that are linked together by use of PyLink.


Goal & Ambition

The goal of participating networks is to enhance the experience and offerings on each individual network. Participating networks are able to offer their users & channels more content, users, channels and interaction.

It is NOT about user-counts or "filling channels". Anyone can do that, and it provides nothing beneficial to users. We, as admins, are in this collective for our users.



We do have Policies in place to ensure that United IRC Networks (UIN) maintains a stable, enjoyable atmosphere. Generally speaking: Only administer your own users and channels. Unauthorized KILLs or MODE changes are prohibited, and will bounce off remote users/channels. You can read more here



For right now, please seek assistance in #UIN.



Please see this document to apply.

Currently Linked Networks

United IRC Networks Description Representative(s) IRCd & Services Software
IRC4Fun (UIN>fun) General all-purpose chat network [update info] Ka, giggsey, siniStar, tabb ChatIRCd+Xtheme
UKChatBox.Org.UK (UIN>ukcb) General all-purpose chat network [update info] Turner, therock247uk UnrealIRCd+Anope (UIN>tz) Trivia, Game and Chat network [update info] Medusa UnrealIRCd+Anope (UIN>kchat) Channel Link (not full UIN link) [update info] Maro InspIRCd+Xtheme (UIN>mp) General all-purpose chat network [update info] DeViL, Pennywise, illegalst UnrealIRCd+Xtheme


Latest News

April 16, 2018
- Channel Registrations moved to Web
February 3, 2018
- Services FLAGS LIST Updates!
January 20, 2018
- Services Expirations Changes coming soon!
January 7, 2018
- ChanServ Registrations no longer require Supporters!
December 30, 2017
- Tower.* Delinked, Blaze.* Testlinked

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United IRC Networks (UIN)

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