IRC4Fun User Committee (User-Com)

We Care!Welcome to the IRC4Fun User Committee (User-Com) Website!

What is the “User Committee”?

The IRC4Fun User Committee acts as a guide and liaison between Users and Staff.  We work with IRC4Fun Staff (Server Administrators, IRC Operators and CService Representatives) on behalf of network users.  We also assist users where possible.

Who is on the User Committee?

  • Coordinator/Leader (Mikee016)
  • Secretary/Second-in-Command (Lyra)
  • Members (Open Positions: 5-10 openings)

How does one get on the User Committee?

The Coordinator (once installed) will launch a vote on new Applicants or Invited Members between the members of the User Committee.  Once a vote has been taken by the User Committee, the vote will be forwarded to IRC4Fun Admins for review.  A final vote will be launched between IRC4Fun Administrators and the User will either be confirmed to the Committee, or the vote may be denied if IRC4Fun Admins are unable or unwilling to pass the vote(Typically, IRC4Fun Administrators are only monitoring for “known abusive users” during these votes.)

Expectations & Myths

  • Going to a User Committee member about a problem and expecting a magical solution bypassing proper Staff members will not be tolerated.
  • Members of the User Committee are not necessarily IRC4Fun Staff, except the Coordinator of the Committee.
  • Do not forget the PROPER Support Channels for certain issues:
    • Channel Service Issues should be reported to #CService, or better yet handled via the CService Website.
    • Usernames Issues should be reported to #Usernames, or better yet handled via the CService Website.
  • While it is the goal of the User Committee to perfect the IRC experience FOR users, overrides of decision(s) should be appealed through proper channels.  (Usually through the HelpDesk)
  • The IRC4Fun User Committee, by design, goals to have members who are diverse, and even speak English and Additional languages.  (This is not a requirement, but certainly a plus)  Remember, we are an International coverage IRC network.
  • “I’ve been G-Lined!  I must get online to appeal!”  (Yes, we do ask that you report that via the HelpDesk – However, do not evade the G:Lines, as you may get hit with a much longer one)  Also, please note that G-lines go beyond the User Committee’s control in most cases.  Recommendations can be made against G-lines, however there is no guarantee that any action will be taken by IRC4Fun Admins or Operators.
  • “X is down.  User Committee can op me!” (Actually, NO, they cannot.  Only IRC4Fun Administrators or IRC Operators can utilize Uworld or EUworld to manipulate modes in channels, and often times they won’t(Unless they know you and are familiar with your channel and able to “authenticate” your identity.  Most likely, they will ask you to wait until X returns.))  Also, if the Admin/Oper makes a mistake, they may have inadvertently aided a “channel takeover”.  Not many Admins would risk that, let alone OpersIt is best for everyone to wait for X to return.
  • “So the User Committee holds no power or ability to help Users?” (Absolutely they do.  They may or may not possess special powers or “access”, but they can see more than ordinary users. (Comments on Usernames/Channels)  They do not necessarily have the power to “override” decisions by other department heads or Staff in general, but can attempt to work with proper Staff members to come to a resolution.)
  • Hold or arrange Events (Yes, this does help not only the Staff from various departments to participate, but it also helps Users to engage with IRC4Fun.  Don’t worry, you do not need to run to the store and buy liquor or anything.  Even just simple “Live” Channel Events are fun and helpful!)