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Channel Modes on IRC4Fun

/MODE <channel> <+|-><modes> [parameters]

CHANNEL MODES 17:30, 13 May 2018 (EDT)17:30, 13 May 2018 (EDT)17:30, 13 May 2018 (EDT)~~

a - Admin Only

Marks a channel as admin restricted, allowing only IRC Administrators to join

b - Ban

Sets a ban on the channel of the specified nick!user@host mask (wildcards permitted)


Block all CTCP's sent to the channel

c - No Colour

Forbid the use of colours on the channel

D - Delayed joins

Hide all join events on the channel until the user speaks or has a mode set

d - Was Delayed Joins

Replaces +D when disabled if there are hidden users yet to join the channel

i - Invite Only

Marks the channel as by invite only

k - Key

Sets a passphraze on the channel required for users to join

l - Limit

Set the limit of users permitted to join the channel

M - Registered Moderated

Only allows registered users and voiced/halfop'd/op'd to send messages in the channel

m - Moderated

Marks a channel as moderated (muted) and only allows users with voice, halfop, and op to speak

N - No Channel Notices

Denies sending notices to the channel

n - No External Messages

Forbids users from outside the channel from sending messages to it

O - Oper Only

Marks a channel as oper restricted, allowing only IRC Operators to join

o - Channel Operator

Sets +o on the user granting them channel operator abilities

p - Private

Marks a channel as private

Q - No Quit/Part Messages

Hide all quit and part messages

R - Registered

Marks the channel as registered

r - Registered Users Only

Only allow registered users to join the channel

S - Strip

Remove all colours and effects on all messages within the channel

s - Secret

Marks a channel as secret and excludes it from /list

T - No Multi Target Messages

Block all multi channel messages (such as /amsg in mIRC)

t - Topic

Only ops can set the topic

v - Channel Voice

Sets +v on the user granting channel voice abilities

z - Persistant Resyncs channels upon bursting