Channel Philosophies

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Channel Philosophies

IRC4Fun has various Channel Philosophies that we hope our users will use and find useful. It helps to maintain the environment that is IRC4Fun.

Please note: We do not enforce Channel Philosophies; if a Channel/Group/Organization or Project utilizes other philosophies, they are within their rights.

Friendly Users

Friendly users are a catalyst to a good channel. Users who set a good example for others are vital to creating a friendly environment.

Use +o (@Operator) privileges sparingly

There are going to inevitably be times you will need to use your @Operator privileges; however, try to do so minimally. Whenever you do, you will raise the channel's "temperature". Some users may be unhappy by it, some may argue it was abuse of power, etc. IRC4Fun does not get involved in how channels are managed, rules, or their policies.

Too many @Operators can frighten newcomers

Please also keep in mind that to a new user, joining a channel of 30 people: 25 of which are @Operators, is frightening. If your channel is geared towards "General Chat", there is no need to have so many @Ops.


Trolling is discouraged and should result in a a kick or ban (or both). Repeated instances of trolling will result in removal from IRC4Fun.