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IRC4Fun has many channels dedicated towards many different communities, groups, and interests. You can find channels using /LIST.

IRC4Fun's official Chat & Support Channel is #IRC4Fun

Channel Policies

In general, local policy and rules for each channel are set by that channel's operators. If you believe that the way in which a particular channel is run contravenes our ground rules or runs counter to the IRC4Fun philosophy then you should raise your concerns first with the channel owners, and then with IRC4Fun staff who will address cases on an individual basis.

Why can't I join a channel?

There are several things that might prevent you from joining a particular channel. In most cases the server will tell you the reason, but some clients do not correctly display that information to you, so it's useful to be able to check for yourself. Some of the common causes, in no particular order, are:

  • Check that you're logged in with X. You can log in by running /msg LOGIN YourUsername YourPassword. Some channels use mode +r, which prevents unregistered users, or users who aren't logged in, from joining.
  • Check whether the channel has modes +i or +k, +l, +m or +M set. These will prevent anyone from joining who isn't explicitly invited or doesn't know the channel password.
  • If you are logged in to services, check the channel ban list -- you can do this using /mode #channel b

If you've not been in the channel in question recently, it's possible that you're affected by a wide-ranging ban, so pay attention to any bans that include * or ? wildcards.

If you find a ban which matches you but you feel wasn't intended to keep you out, then talk to one of the channel operators to see about having it removed. You can find a list of channel operators via the /msg X ACCESS #channel * command.

If you're still stuck, feel free to ask a staff member for help in working out what's preventing you from joining.

Why can't I talk in a channel?

The two most common causes for this are either a ban mask -- use /mode #channel b to see the list and then check the advice above regarding bans -- or mode +m, which prevents anyone who isn't voiced from talking. If you're still unsure, again, feel free to ask staff for help in working out what the problem might be.