How do I get a Cloak?

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How do I get a Cloak?

Cloaks (and how to get one)

You can (in most cases) automatically assign a Cloak (also called vHosts), using the mode +x on IRC with your X account after logging into X. /mode MyNick +x

Your hostname/IP is not cloaked during connection to IRC4Fun servers, as this provides a false sense of security.

  • You must register (and login to) an account with X on IRC, prior to trying to set usermode +x. You can register an account using X's HELLO command.

Cloaks Notice

Cloaks should not be depended on for security privacy purposes. Cloaks are intended to show your affiliation (or lack thereof) with IRC4Fun, a group, channel, organization or project.

While not easy or common, your IP/hostname are still obtainable if someone really wants to find it out.

If you are worried about hiding your IP/hostname; you should look into outside solutions, such as a ZNC or bouncer service.


  • IRCCloud - Hides your Hostname/IP and (if upgraded) a 24/7 connection to IRC via iOS & Android devices. (Self hosted by IRCCloud)
  • ZNC - Stay connected 24/7 with a ZNC installed on your shell, VPS, etc. (Requires installation & configuration)
  • Search Google for irc bouncer.

Cloaks FAQ

Q: Why do you not automatically hide my hostname or IP address when I connect?

A: The answer to this question has two answers:

1) This provides a false sense of security to users.

2) Even if we cloaked portions (or even your full address), there are still ways to "de-cloak" you, if an attacker is set on doing so.

Cloaks Guidelines

Cloaks & vHosts follow these guidelines

  • Standard Cloaks (
  • Staff Cloaks (

Please /join #IRC4Fun if you need assistance with a Cloak or vHost.