K-Lines, G-Lines & Z-Lines

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K-Lines (Local Server Bans)

A 'K-Line' (also referred to as K:Lines and KILL Lines) are local bans from specific servers.

G-Lines (Network-wide Bans)

A 'G-Line' (also referred to as G:Lines) are network-wide bans from IRC4Fun, usually due to abuse or a match of your IP in DNS Blacklists'. They are also used when violations of network policies are broken by users.

You may request the G-line be lifted. but understand that IRC4Fun Staff are under no obligation to do so. DNS Blacklist match G-lines will be automatically re-added.

Z-Lines (IP Bans)

A 'Z-Line' (also referred to as Z:Lines) are network-wide IP bans. This is an older method of dealing with users whose IP matches one or more DNS Blacklists.