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What is IRC?

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) protocol that facilitates communication in the form of text. It's a chat protocol written originally in Finland by Jarkko Oikarinen in 1988 and is now used worldwide. IRC is a multi-user chat system that allows encounters in virtual spaces called "channels" (also referred to as "rooms") in order to converse privately or in groups. Users can communicate privately using Private Message or DCC Chat.

IRC4Fun is one of thousands of IRC networks, established in October of 2007.

How do I get on IRC?

Most of the time, users connect to IRC using IRC Clients, however there are also "web chats" (gateways to IRC from an Internet browser) for those who do not have an IRC Client installed, or do not wish to install one. (Kiwi IRC, Mibbit, and IRCCloud are widely used web chat clients)

  • Users with an IRC Client can connect to - Port 6667 for Plaintext connections, or Port 6697 for secure (SSL) connections. (Secure [SSL] connections are recommended)

I'm connected! Now what?

You can now enter channels and search for channels of interest.

* You can use /LIST to list all channels on the network.  (Some IRC Clients default to only show you channels with an amount of users in them.)      
  • You can join (enter) Channels by typing: /JOIN #ChannelName
  • You can part (leave) Channels by typing: /PART #ChannelName
  • You can Private Message users by typing: /MSG Nickname Your message here.
  • You can change your Nickname by typing: /NICK MyNEWnickname

Keep in mind that due to timezones and real lives, sometimes IRC may seem less active (we call it idling) than other times.

How do I register?

If you are a resident of the United States and are 13 or older;
/msg X HELLO myUsername
If you are a resident of the EU and are 16 or older;
/msg X HELLO myUsername

Registration allows you to /mode MyNick +x to get a hidden host of, and allows you to receive NOTEs and Channel Access.

  • Nicknames are not registered on IRC4Fun - Usernames/Accounts are used instead. Nicknames are on a first-come, first-serve nature. (Though we do not recommend using Staff Nicknames)

What are these +Users in Channels?

The users in channels that you see with a + prefixing their nickname, indicates that the user is voiced on the channel. (This is typically done in moderated channels [+m] and allows the user to speak)

What are these @Users in Channels?

The users in channels that you see with a @ prefixing their nickname, indicates that the user is a Channel Operator and can voice, kick or ban users that violate the channel's rules, network rules, etc. Channel Operators are capable of "opping" other users as well. (Making other users Channel Operators) They can also set modes (such as voice) on the channel.

More Commands

Hold on, there is more! Here are some more commands that may come in useful:

  • You can get general information about a user with /WHOIS Nickname
  • A more exhaustive list of commands and help topics are available with /QUOTE HELP
  • A command syntax and help information can be found with /QUOTE HELP topic

How do I create my own channel?

You simply /JOIN #ChannelName and if you're the first user, you will be automatically given @ChannelOperator status.

You can check and see if the channel is registered with X by using /msg X chaninfo #Channel

If not registered, you can request to register the channel with X, if you would like to preserve it's modes, access lists/flags, settings, etc.

  • If approved, you will be notified and X will join your channel.

I joined a Channel that I wanted to create, but:

  • If you joined a Channel that was empty, only to see the Timestamps change and ChanServ join and gain @ChannelOperator status, it means that the channel is already registered.
  • If you joined a Channel that was empty, only to see the Timestamps change and then get kicked & banned, you have entered a registered and "receated" channel. This can happen when a channel is mode-locked (via X) as +i (invite-only) or +k (keyed)
  • If you joined a Channel that has users and get kicked and banned, you should contact the operator(s) who banned you. IRC4Fun Staff and CService Staff will not get involved in channel matters, management, or bans. (Please do not ask us to unban you from channels.) You can also try to contact the Founder with: /msg X chaninfo #channel


We're here to assist, chat with, and support you. IRC4Fun Staff are all volunteers, and can usually be found in #IRC4Fun.