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Obtain Support from IRC4Fun Staff

IRC4Fun has a number of ways that you can get in touch with IRC4Fun Staff for assistance, complaints, help requests, etc. We're here for you in #IRC4Fun, though IRC4Fun Staff live in different time-zones.

Methods of Support

You can obtain Support from IRC4Fun Staff in various ways:

  • IRC: #IRC4Fun
  • WWW: HelpDesk
  • Email: Help @ IRC4Fun.net - Klines @ IRC4Fun.net


You can /join #IRC4Fun and ask your question in the channel.

World Wide Web via IRC4Fun HelpDesk

If you prefer, you can also submit requests through the IRC4Fun HelpDesk.


IRC4Fun Staff can also be reached via e-mail at Help[at]IRC4Fun.net and Klines[at]IRC4Fun.net

Channel Service (X) Support

  • #CService - Official *X* Help Channel

Channel Service (X) Usernames/Accounts Support

  • #Usernames - Official *X* Accounts/Usernames Help Channel