United IRC Networks (UIN)

UIN (United IRC Networks) is an IRC network interlinker.  It allows multiple like-minded (seperate) IRC networks (which may be utilizing different IRC server software than others) to maintain a link together and share channels and users if/as desired.  United IRC Networks is powered by PyLink.                Chat Now » | Policies » | Apply for Link »


PyLink allows IRC networks to link together and share channels and users, even if they use a different IRCd sofware or IRC Services software to power their servers and networks.  This allows linked network users to have additional channels, interests, users and content that previously may not have been available to them.

Linked Networks may choose which channels they would like to share and which shared channels they would like to have on their networks.


Some users and/or administration may feel that this is merely a means of increasing user counts across linked networks and provides no real benefit.  We feel that this is completely false!  

We’re excited to bring users additional choices in channels available, users available to chat with, additional interests and game channels — and provides network administration with a means to “stay current” on IRC, abuse prevention, and IRC’s future!  

Our goal is not to increase user-counts, but rather provide our users with additional means of chatting, finding friends, and additional content without having to open a bunch of server windows/tabs.


  • Compatible IRCd Software: UnrealIRCd 4+, InspIRCd 2.0, Charybdis 3.5+, Elemental-IRCd 6.6*, InspIRCd 3.0, IRCd-Hybrid 8.2*, juno-ircd 11.*, Nefarious IRCu 2.0.*.
  • Incompatible Software: IRC Defender, Freenode’s Sigyn, Any Services Package using KILLs instead of AKILLs, K-lines or G-lines (This includes any bots that might attempt to KILL users instead of handle them locally with a K/G-line.)
    • Anope: operserv/sessions must not be loaded.
    • Atheme: Ensure config is set to KLINE instead of KILL.  You can also modify this with: /msg OperServ CLONES KLINE ON
    • If the “incompatible software” is modified or configured to NOT use KILLs, it is compatible .  This is a MUST for all Linked Networks and should be double-checked, as the defaults are usually set to KILL which is NOT compatible!
  • Interested in linking your IRC network with United IRC Networks?  Apply for UIN Link
  • Abuse is not permitted – Please see United IRC Networks Policy (UINP) for terms of linking to UIN and more information.
  • Additional Documentation about UIN (PyLink) is available here: https://github.com/IRC4Fun/PyLink/tree/master/docs#pylink-documentation
  • United IRC Networks is hosted by IRC4Fun and administered by siniStar & tabb.


Networks & Staff

United IRC Networks Description Rep(s) IRCd&Services Software
 IRC4Fun (UIN>fun) General all-purpose chat network. siniStar, tabb InspIRCd3+Anope
 Delirus (UIN>del) General all-purpose chat network. sysfail InspIRCd3+Anope
 mIRCPhantom.net (UIN>mp) General all-purpose chat network. DeViL, Pennywise UnrealIRCd+atheme
 IRCDrama (UIN>idrama) General all-purpose chat network. TBNK420, [Michaud], tabb UnrealIRCD+Anope
 EFnet (UIN>ef) One of the original IRC networks, commonly referred to as the Wild Wild West.
N / A
ircnet (UIN>ircnet) One of the original IRC networks, with no services at all.
N / A
 KampungChat.org (UIN>kchat) Malaysian chat network.
Maro InspIRCd3+Anope
Rizon (UIN>ri) General all-purpose chat network. N / A
 Technet (UIN>technet) ComputerTech’s Tech Chat network.
ComputerTech UnrealIRCD+Anope
Undernet (UIN>un) One of the original IRC networks, geared towards chat.
N / A


UIN Channels & their Home Networks ( under construction)