IRC4Fun is an Internet Relay Chat network, founded in October of 2007. Our goal is to provide a quality, free, & fun chat service giving people all over the world a means for conversing with each other on friendly, secure and drama-free servers. 



You can use your preferred IRC Client to connect to IRC4Fun, or you can use our web chat. (which does not require any installations)

We also provide an always connected, free, secure & web-based client called The Lounge to our registered users.  Compatible with Desktop Browsers as well as Android / iOS phones & tablets:    Click Here for more information about our The Lounge client.

We highly recommend connecting to irc.IRC4Fun.net using SSL for enhanced security, which is available on port 6697.
However, plaintext (non-SSL) connections can be made on port 6667.


 Documents, Guides & Knowledge Base

New to IRC or IRC4Fun?  We have resources that will help you get acquainted with IRC4Fun, it’s servers, services and more.


 Chat Now

IRC4Fun has a variety of chat channels available – below are some common channels by category/interest:

(Click on a #ChannelName to open web chat)


The New IRC4Fun

IRC4Fun recently switched to new IRC Server and IRC Services software.  Click Here for more information.

Need Help / Have Questions?

Check the updated Knowledge Base

/JOIN #Help for Assistance

Or use the /HELPOP system.