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Welcome to the IRC4Fun IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network, established since 2007!  We strive to provide a drama-free, secure and fun environment for channels, groups and users.

If you have an IRC Client, you can point it to, port 6667 for plaintext connection or port 6697 for SSL connection. 
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Welcome to the NEW IRC4Fun Website!


siniStar is in the usergroup ‘Administrators’

  • Posted 28th January 2019, 8:20 PM
  • By siniStar

We would like to welcome you to IRC4Fun's NEW and improved website!  Our new website will allow us to better serve our users and organize the bonds between our users and staffers.

We have decided to completely "refresh" the content, removing old / irrelevant content by starting from scratch.  With our new website, we now have many things integrated so that there is no longer confusion or need to use seperate systems.  We ask for your patience as we rebuild the website, and please feel free to keep us up-to-date on anything that is seemingly broken or not working right.

As mentioned before, we will be adding new content very soon - so please keep checking back.  If you have any questions or concerns; please ask in #IRC4Fun