IRC4Fun is an Internet Relay Chat network, founded in October of 2007. Our goal is to provide a quality, free, & fun chat service giving people all over the world a means for conversing with each other on friendly, secure and drama-free servers.


Getting Started

To connect to IRC4Fun; direct your client to on port 6667 for plaintext or 6697 for SSL SSL.

IRC4Fun supports IRCCloud! IRCCloud, Kiwi IRC WebChat KiwiIRC Web Chat client & Chat Now using Mibbit! Mibbit Web Chat are available for those who do not have a client installed or do not wish to install one.

New to IRC or IRC4Fun?

Services Web Interface

We invite you to use our Services Web Interface for virtually most requests, and more!


IRC4Fun Wiki

Learn more about IRC4Fun with our Wiki! It contains a wealth of information, frequently asked questions & much more.


Add Chat to Your site!

If you have a website, you can easily add WebChat to your site! This allows you to add your own or favorite chat channels to your community, group, organization, project, or website!


Paste Service

You can also use our Paste Service for pasting output/input to support channels and prevent being mistaken for a spammer or flooder.